One thing that is essential in today’s smartphones is a web browser. The web browser provides an easy way to access the world wide web. The iPhone is equipped with rugged hardware and excellent OS to handle web browsing. There are a bunch of web browsers that can do this job and that is what is this post about. Read through to find out this web browser do you can have the best browsing experience on your iPhone.

Best Web Browsers for iPhone

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a top browser app available for the various platform including iOS. It is very popular for Android but it is also available for iPhone and iPad. Your recently opened tabs, bookmarks, and favorites can be accessed across different devices but just signing in with your Gmail credential. Browsing on Chrome leaves you with a breath-taking experience as it is seamless. What impresses users about it is that it has support for cross-platform. You can search by using the address bar as it works for search queries as well. The interface is nice and is user-friendly so you have a great browsing feel.


2. Firefox

Firefox for iPhone just feels like the one for desktop. The iPhone Firefox has a similar user interface and tab structure. It also allows you to search across open tabs with a quick shortcut. With Firefox Sync, you can access all your tabs, bookmarks, and passwords from your Mac or PC on your iPhone. Additionally, Firefox cares about your privacy and offers features to secure your browsing activity. Trackers are blocked by default and you can browse with private mode so that your activities are wiped off once you’re done. The app can be locked with a passcode or FACE ID if you don’t want any prying eyes.


3. Brave Browser

If you want a fast and secure browser for your iPhone, then choose Brave. Your privacy is assured with Brave as it blocks all trackers and popups from your browser (including ads).  This makes its speed faster because it doesn’t load as much as it would have loaded. This is not the only great feature of the app. It is also tailored to deliver a great user experience and that makes it easy and quick to navigate. There’s is a dedicated new tab button present in the bottom toolbar and it features a scrollable tab bar at the top.


4. Dolphin

This browser comes with many features that make it a great one. You can toggle between tabs with the tabbed browsing feature. Browsing is intuitive with the gestures, Dolphin Sonar, speed dials, etc. You can also customize the look with several themes at your disposal. It helps you surf the web securely. Visit websites on the browser by drawing personalized symbols on the screen. Search with the voice on the app with the voice functionality that can be easily triggered by shaking the device. You can share posts on Facebook using a dedicated option in the app.


5. Aloha Browser

This browser is also rich in features. It is loaded with a built-in VPN, download manager, file browser, themes, and ad-blocking. If you subscribe to the free plan, you don’t get to choose the location of the VPN server it connects to. Its speed is decent, with unlimited data and a no-log policy. One unique feature of the app is background video playback. Play a YouTube video, launch full screen and then let the Picture-in-Picture view come up.


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