5 Best Yoga Apps for Android And iOS Devices 2019
5 Best Yoga Apps for Android And iOS Devices 2019

Best Yoga Apps can help you in doing your yoga with discipline. Most of the popular yoga apps that are available right now for Android and iOS devices come with good customization. You will get outstanding features like yoga notifier which will deliver you a notification according to your schedule “its Yoga time” on the phone. So, you will be able to complete your Yoga even when you have a busy schedule. That’s the power and benefit of Yoga apps. We will talk more about the benefits of Yoga apps in this article.

Here, in this article, we are going to talk more about the best yoga apps and the top benefits you are going to get from them. Also, I will suggest you 5 Best Yoga Apps for Android and iOS devices which you can use to get the best benefits in yoga. So, let get started.

What is Yoga App?

Before you start using Yoga app on your Android and iOS device, it’s actually important to know it. So, Yoga app is just like any other app, but it’s programmed to teach Yoga in an easy and simple manner. In the app, you will see different types of yoga’s exercise along with the explanation on how to do it in the right manner. Moreover, in most yoga apps, you will get some working tips from yoga masters that will enhance and help you to do Yoga in an efficient way.

Apart from Yoga application lessons, you will also get some features to set schedule for Yoga like time, days in a week, etc. And when the time comes, the Yoga app will throw a notification with a caption “its yoga time” in your device.

What are the Benefits of Using Yoga App over Yoga Book?

There are many benefits that you can get in Yoga if you use apps over Yoga Books. And yoga apps will be very beneficial for those who like listening over reading. And while listening, you can do other tasks too that you can’t do when reading. So, here are the benefits of Using Yoga app over Yoga Book:

1. You will be Disciplined in Yoga

Yoga apps act as a coach; it alerts when the time arrives to do yoga which books probably can’t do unless you try to add soul to it. In most yoga apps, you will see a function to set the alarm and schedule it according to your choice of time. You can set the alarm to alert you to do your routine yoga and that way you will be probably disciplined in it.

2. You can start doing Yoga at Any Place

Carrying a yoga book or carrying your phone is very clear to me and I can guess accurately that you will choose Carrying a phone. Because it’s convenient and lightweight. With Yoga app, you can start doing your daily Yoga at any place in the world. If you got Hand over with tons of project and you can’t go home this day, then Yoga app will help you do Yoga at your office. You just need to open the app and start following your next lesson in the form of text or audio.

3. You will Not get bored

Reading books for most people is a boring task, and today we refer to reading in screen over books. Because for some reason, it feels interesting and cool. And with a Yoga app, you will never get bored, but you will get with yoga books. It has been scientifically proven.

So, these are the best three benefits you will using a yoga app over a yoga book. Now, let me introduce to you those best yoga apps.

5 Best Yoga Apps for Android And iOS Devices 2019

Previously, we have talked about yoga apps and its benefits. Now, we are going to show you the best yoga apps. Here are the top 5 yoga apps for Android and iOS devices that you should definitely try:

1. Pocket Yoga App

Best Yoga Apps

This is the best-paid yoga app that is available for Android and iOS device. Pocket Yoga app comes up with tons of yoga exercises with proper explanation to do it. It has more than 200 excellent illustrated yoga pose images with correct posture and alignment, and Detailed voice and visual instruction guides you through every pose, including each inhalation and exhalation. It’s more of a yoga coach than just an app. Even more, you can learn more poses and the benefits with a clear description in this pocket Yoga App.

Paid comes with the good package and this Pocket Yoga App have everything you need to do it perfectly and master Yoga. Pocket Yoga App is not free; you will need to pay 3$ to purchase this app from the App Store. To download this app, follow the link below.

Download for Android | Download for iOS

2. Daily Yoga

Best Yoga Apps

The best alternative of Pocket Yoga app but yet are free to download and install for both Android and iOS devices. If you can’t afford to pay for any best yoga app, then Daily Yoga app is perfect for you. And it provides pretty much good stuff like 50+ Yoga class plans & workshops for Beginner to Advanced, 500+ yoga poses with detailed voice instructions, 200+ yoga classes with HD video updated monthly, Multiple choices for session duration varied from 5 – 70 mins, and more.

This app has contained in-app purchase means some of its features can be only accessible when you pay a particular amount.

Download for Android | Download for iOS

3. Yoga – Track Yoga

Best Yoga Apps

Another beast and free Yoga app that also allows tracking the data of your Yoga. You can know how better you are doing in Yoga and how much it will benefit you. Yoga – Track Yoga has some unique features like Choose from a variety of yoga classes including Stress Relief, Beginner’s Mind, Back Pain Relief, Cold, and Yoga classes are grouped together to help you achieve specific goals including Beginners Mind, Flexibility Series, Full Body Fitness, Yoga for Depression, Yoga Workout, etc.

The best thing I liked about Yoga – Tack Yoga is most of its features are free to use. Go with this if you have no money to spend on learning Yoga.

Download for Android | Download for iOS

4. Yoga Studio

Best Yoga Apps

The best yoga app that teaches yoga classes with HD videos. Don’t like reading and listening? Yoga Studio is best for you because it teaches Yoga classes with high-quality videos. This app also guides you to turn your living room into a studio with some life hacks. This Yoga Studio also has some great feature like Stay on track with your fitness goals with daily and weekly class scheduling, 80+ Ready-made yoga & meditation classes in full HD video, Library guide of over 280 poses with detailed advice and instructions.

Yoga Studio is free to install but has contained in-app purchase. I recommend to use it if you are fresher or just starting Yoga.

Download for Android | Download for iOS

5. 5 Minute Yoga

Best Yoga Apps

Spend every day just 5 minutes to learn Yoga with this cool app. You can literally learn and master Yoga with 5 Minute Yoga app. With this application, you can learn Yoga fast and easy. Using this Yoga app, you will get many benefits in just 5 minutes every day. You will be able to increase Core Strenght, Flexibility, and you also be able to learn varieties of Yoga exercises and those will only take 5 minutes.

If you have a busy schedule, then I highly suggest 5 Minute Yoga app. You just need to spend 5 minutes every day to learn Yoga using this app.

Download for Android | Download for iOS

Which is the Best Yoga App for Android and iOS Device?

All the 5 above Yoga apps that are listed are the best Yoga apps. But choosing best from them can be a little hard. To little help you out in this, I suggest 5 Minutes Yoga and Yoga Studio app if you have a very busy schedule or routine. Also, if you are a beginner and following busy routine, then Yoga Studio will be very helpful because you can learn yoga with the app through watching videos.

And if you have at least 1-2 hour for learning Yoga, then I suggest purchasing the Pocket Yoga App because that app is well made for teaching Yoga. You will become a master in Yoga within 30 days with the Pocket Yoga App, seriously speaking. But you need to be consistently following the lessons with all your focus. Alternatively, you can use Daily Yoga app.


Learning Yoga with apps can be little new and interesting for you. Especially, if you just started using new generation devices like iPad and other iOS devices. And it will also save your money; you will not need to go to the studio and learn Yoga from masters by paying money. Instead of going studio and pay money monthly, I recommend purchasing the 3$ Pocket yoga app and start learning the basic to advance Yoga at your home with your own terms.

So, that’s it for today. Hopefully, you liked this article on best Yoga apps? If so, I prefer to share this article with your friends who are dying to learn yoga. Let them know about these cool Yoga apps and save them from spending huge money on Studio. I’ll see you in a similar article on TechLector.

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