Zapier Alternatives
Zapier Alternatives
In a time where we have many tasks at hand, and we have to do them all, it is smart to employ an automation tool to assist you. Automation tools like Zapier help you give various apps commands and create workflows that will lead to faster and more efficient work. Zapier is a very popular automation platform used by top companies around the world, and they have powerful automation features. You may want something else from Zapier, and this post will do justice to that providing you with some alternatives.

Best Zapier Alternatives

1. Integromat

Integromat is used by over 49000 companies to integrate their services, apps, and systems. It is an online automation platform with advanced features that helps top businesses like Cisco, Uber, and so on. With the intuitive visual editor, you are given the capability to create automated workflows without the need for you to code. This way, you can understand the steps of the automation, and the results that will come out at the end of it. You have several templates to choose from to ease the setting up of workflows. You can also customize these templates to suit your needs. The platform integrates with various apps and services. HTTP/SOAP and JSON modules are available to let you connect to any web service.

2. is another platform like Zapier that does the integration of your cloud applications. It helps you in automating your business, sales, marketing activities. allows you to create workflows between many apps easily and perform integration between different apps. There are a lot of app integrations that can be made on so that work is faster and easier. The platform allows you to focus on more important tasks after you have integrated apps and created workflows. You don’t need to code even for cross-functional workflows. The Zapier alternative has other features to your automation success which include Drag-drop functionality, automated data sync, process automation, multiple data resources, configurable actions, etc.


To have a tech experience that’s personalized you can connect your devices and devices and make them communicate with IFTTT. Small businesses can leverage the platform and individuals can use it to make their lives run more easily. The Applets feature will connect services together and make them work for you. IFFTTT works with social media platforms and lets you post automatically across your social channels. This way you can focus on other important tasks and leave IFTTT to maintain your social media posting. IFTTT can help your home become smart by responding to your actions. With IFTTT, you’ll find fun organizing and automating.

4. Pabbly Connect

A data integration software, Pabbly Connect does automation of your workflows in an effective way. You can easily create automation workflows between various apps and services. Pabbly Connect will work with all the popular apps that have webhooks available for integration and will automate payments, web forms, CRM marketing, etc. Make fast and smart automation as Pabbly Connect helps you create one to one integration and multi-app work-flows. The platform makes available control options to dictate the execution of your scenario and with this, you can customize the time and date that it should be executed. There’s a formatter tool in this Zapier alternative that will convert text, currency, numbers, dates, and more into the format of your choice.

5. Microsoft Flow 

If you want a Zapier alternative for personal use, Microsoft has a platform that will serve you well. It has a well-designed app that you’ll find easy to use especially if you’re just getting started. There are various templates with pre-created flows that will help you automate tasks. If you’re into Microsoft products such as Office 365 or OneNote, this automation service will prove useful. The only drawback here is that to use the app, you have to login through your Microsoft account. There are many more apps that Microsoft Flow supports apart from its sister products. Although these apps may not be as many as the other platform on this list but for personal use, they are enough. The platform allows you to create step automation that defines the exact commands you want.

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