5 Most Popular Social Network Sites in 2019

Technology has made social connections better with social networking sites. With this sites, you can connect with people from all over the world. Better still, your business can reach out to the numerous people who use this platforms. Gone are the days when people have to travel and move from place to place to connect with each other, with social media sites, it is even more easier, faster and full of fun. We’ve reviewed the 5 most popular social network sites right now.

5 Most Popular Social Network  Sites

  1. Facebook

This is the large social media network present on the Internet space. It ranks high in terms of number of users and in name recognition. Facebook was founded on February 4, 2004, and then within 12 years of operations, they have managed to have more than 1.59 billion monthly active users and this has made it earned the title as the best medium for connecting people from around the globe with your business. Statistics show that it is estimated that over one million small and medium-sized businesses utilize Facebook to market their business.

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  1. Instagram

Instagram is another social network launched in order to allow sharing of photos and videos. The photo-sharing social network, therefore, allows you to capture and snap the best moments of your life, with your smartphone’s camera or any other camera, and present t them as a work of art. You can achieve this as Instagram has multiple filters that you can apply to your photos and easily share them to other popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has acquired Instagram and is part of Facebook’s product.

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  1. Twitter

Twitter makes the popular social network list and is a real-time, public microblogging network where new breaks first before it spread to other platforms. It allows you to share tweet with its short message limit (presently 280 characters) and unfiltered feed which most users love. There has been changes Twitter has undergone over the years, and in this present day, it is criticised a lot for its usabality and fuctionalities being similar to Facebook. Besides Twitter Card integration which makes sharing of various multimedia content easy, you can expect to see some algorithmic changes coming to Twitter.

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  1. Snapchat

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app where you can share images and videos to friends and family. It sounds quite simple but the unique feature of the app is that the images appear for only a short time before they disappear. Unlike normal texting and sending images , Snapchat is like an in-person conversation, with a more temporary feel and natural flow of interaction. Also, Snapchat filters and lenses were introduced to give special effects to a picture of the video. Users have the freedom to add virtual stickers, text, and doodles on their pictures or videos to customize them further.

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  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site targeted at the business community. It is similar to Facebook, as users can have an individual profile (with a custom LinkedIn URL) where post , status , images or videos can be uploaded and professional connections can be made. All these connections combine to and is referred to as a user’s network. Users profile are often described as the modern resume which contains professionals’ work history, education, skills, and more. Employment can be gotten by users on LinkedIn, and is most of the time used by recruiters to search for qualified candidates.

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