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5 Reasons Android Users won’t switch to iOS

It is no news that the Android OS is the biggest operating system in the world right now in terms of popularity, usage and general acceptance. The iOS by Apple is second in line. The popularity of the Android is snowballing and has been everly increasing. This for sure has given the iOS migraine and a run for their money. As a matter of fact, Apple released an App “Move to iOS” to convince and persuade Android users that transferring to iOS is smooth and easy. Despite all the tricks and antics, the Android user base keeps increasing.

5 Reasons Android Users won't switch to iOS
Android to iOS

This is why we bring to you 5 reasons Android users won’t switch to iOS and have stuck to the Android OS.

1. Numerous Device Variety

With the Android OS, there’s a whole lot of varieties. There are countless OEM involved in the production of smartphones running the Android OS. Samsung, Huawei, Gionee, HTC, Lenovo, Tecno, Motorola, Xiaomi, Fero, UMIDIGI, Infinix and many more. So there’s a whole lot of options to choose from. Unlike the iOS where there’s only one manufacturer; Apple. Variety is the spice of life, remember?

2. Affordability

You’d also agree that the cheapest smartphone out there runs the Android OS. The Android OS gives the average man the platform to own, use and adequately utilize the benefits of a smartphone in his everyday living and doings. Unlike the iOS, which costs a fortune to own a unit.

3. Customization

On the Android OS, there are numerous things on your device that you are at liberty to change, fine-tune or adjust to your taste. Keyboard, Themes, UI, etc are things you can change to your preference on the Android OS.

4. Numerous Hardware and Processor options

The Android OS provides many device options with different individual processor, RAM, GPU, and CPU. There are also options like numerous battery capacity to choose from, water resistance, quick charge, display quality and many more.

5. Numerous Applications

The Google Play store has the highest number of Apps that doubles that on the iOS store (if not triple). Whatever it is you need, you can surely get it on the Play store in the form of an app. Make-up tutorials, Coding and Programming tricks, Microsoft on-the-go app, social media applications; all these, you’ll find on the  Google play store and in different versions and types.

So…ever wondered why a lot smartphone users are sticking steadfastly to Android OS? The above reasons are.

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  1. Price and customization are reasons why I will keep sticking with Android.If iOS did not come down from its high horse,there may come a time when Android will box it to a corner

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