5 reasons why Memento is the best task app for your iPhone

The existing Reminder Reminder app has been completely renewed by the developers and renamed Memento. Now it is also the best task app for your Apple devices.

Memento puts memories on a list

The app is intended as a direct competitor to Apple's standard app Reminders, and in 2017 already entered the App Store under the name Reminder. The makers, however, have given the app such a metamorphosis that it was also time for a new name.

The Memento app is everything you need from an app that keeps track of your tasks and memories, for everything you want. Not only work or study tasks, but also a list of films that you still want to see in the coming month are so perfect. You should also try Memento for this.

1. Support Reminders and iCloud

Although Memento serves as a competitor of Memories, the makers are so smart to integrate that app. This allows you to switch effortlessly from one app to another by synchronizing with each other.

Another advantage is that you can store all your memories and tasks in iCloud in this way, via the Reminders app. So you always have a back-up and you do not lose all your lists when you install a new iPhone.

Moreover, the app is always synchronized on all your devices. When you use both an iPhone and an iPad, Memento switches with you effortlessly.

2. Functional notifications

In the new app, the main focus is on how you can set up reminders and tasks as easy as possible and the messages are as convenient as possible. This way you can also set notifications alongside time based on a location; if you reach it, a notification of a reminder will appear.

You can personalize these notifications completely, so that you receive various notifications for, for example, chores or work-related tasks. You can also use 3D Touch or Haptic Touch to make a report extra valuable. By pressing it you can check off the reminder, edit, snooze an hour or move quickly to the next day.

This allows you to easily keep your tasks organized and operate the app without actually opening it. By pressing hard you can quickly add a new reminder to the category you want.

3. Apple Watch support

Not for every iPhone or iPad owner, it is interesting, but for Apple Watch owners it is a big advantage that Memento offers support for the watch. Thanks to the watchOS app, you can easily check alerts of memories from your wrist and you can quickly sniff or adjust them.

4. Clear design

The design of the app offers a lot of insight in itself because a lot of white space is used and you can set how your overview should look like.

So you can view a list of everything per category, or show it in blocks so that the app is very similar to the operation in Apples Home app for HomeKit devices. It is also possible to view your tasks and reminders per day. This makes the app more like an agenda and to-do-list.

5. Dark mode

Especially in the evenings, it is extra nice not to look at a bright white screen. A nice extra to Memento is the Dark Mode, which also secretly looks very tight during the day. In addition, you save some extra battery.


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