We gave details about the new iPhones unveiled at the recent Apple event not long ago. Now, we bring you other announcements made by Apple at the event. There are really impressive.

1. The Apple Watch Series 3

Remember when we reviewed the Apple Watch Series 2, we dubbed the device the Smartwatch King. Apparently, September 12 saw the birth of a new king – the Apple Watch Series 3.

The appearance and overall aesthetic doesn’t quite spell much difference between the Apple Watch Series 3 and its predecessor, the Series 2. The size and dimension are the same, the location of keys and the crown are also the same, the heart rate sensor also maintains the same position at the rear.

Improved heart rate and workout monitor
More storage space to keep your songs – up to 40 million of them!
Available at $329 and $399 (with cellular LTE support)

One good thing about the Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular LTE support is that it is entirely an independent phone in itself – an iPhone on your wrist. You can decide to leave home for work, or workout without your phone and not miss any calls or text message whatsoever. You can make calls with it to in the absence of your iPhone.

Though unveiled, it won’t ship or retail until September 22

2. Apple TV

Though the Apple TV isn’t entirely new, there’s a new feature that Apple introduced on that’ll make you want the Apple TV more.

Comparing All iPhone XS Model Number (A1920, A2097, A2098, A2100, A2104 )
The new Apple TV has 4K display!

Don’t know what a 4K display is? Do you know how clear and crisp a HD display is? Well, 4K display is times of it! 4 times clearer and sharper than HD. Amazing, yeah?

What’s more amazing is that it comes at the same price ($179) as the old Apple TV. Users who have the old HD version will enjoy a free upgrade.

3. Animojis

Probably stands for “Animated emojis”. But what we know is that these are Emojis you can control with you face, or facial expressions.

With Animojis, Apple is breathing life into emojis.

4. Charging Mat

Since the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X now have glass backs and support wireless charging, Apple introduced a new wireless charging mat for the devices.

5. AirPower

The AirPower is a bigger and wider charging mat. There is enough space and you can use it to charge your iPhones, your AirPods and Apple Watch Series 3.

To be available 2018! 

We saw a lot of impressive innovations from Apple at the September 12 event. From phones to accessories to TVs to software improvements and other things, Apple seem to be sending a message to rivals and competitors in the market – they are in for no jokes.

What do you think about the above announcements from Apple?


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