5 To-Do List App for iPhones and iPad to Make you Productive

Who wants to go through the day without achieving anything? I bet it's not definitely you especially if you are reading this post. With productivity app such as the ones listed down here, you can be sure of getting up every morning with your mind fixed on completing the task you have in mind. Without mincing words, the apps listed down there are the to-do best iOS apps.

5 To-Do List App for iPhones

  1. Wunderlist

To add list items and sub-tasks is as simple as ABC with  Wunderlist app. Checking them also is also easy and you can also app a reminder if you want. A great way to call this app is that it is simple and intuitive. Experience in the user mode is great even when there are more than one person on the same list at the same time. Wunderlist allows you to create a to-do list and share with friends, family, and co-workers. Anybody you share with. An then go on to edit on their own.


  1. 2Do

With the many features and tools packed in this app, this is an app you would enjoy. You can add your phonebook list through the sync option that came with the app. It has an easy to navigate interface and options such as alerts voice  recordings, Twitter integration, and a wide array of customizable features


  1. Things from Cultured Code

Available for only iOS and Apple desktop devices, this app from Cultured Code can help you create a task with large headings having sub-groups and checklists under them. It is designed beautifully and Its layout is well organized. You can reorder the task on your phone or any other device by dragging your finger so that reminders can be set by you at a given time.


4 . Any.Do

With its push notification, this app surely stands out from the rest. This feature of push notification is called The Moment on Any.Do and it informs you to plan your day every morning. Drag-and-drop feature is available alongside swipe-to-complete. Wouldn't you want to be able to clear that task by just shaking your phone? Yes, any.do offers this and more.


  1. Todoist

You can attain productivity in a fun way via Todoist.  The app sees that you are awarded whenever you complete task. Tracking can be fine to find out the amount of your progress. Other interesting things in the app are options to review the upcoming week, color code priority tasks, and delegate items to other people in shared lists.


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