5 Top Android Music Player Alternatives to Google Play Music


Different people have different ways of relaxing. One common way by which people relax is by listening to music. Whether during work or leisure, music is a good way to ease off stress and enjoy oneself. There are many apps that available to play your favourite songs or playlists. Google Play Music happens to be one of them. Google Play Music is a popular music player but if you care for something different, we’ve prepared this post to tell you about  the best Android alternatives to Google Play Music.

Top Android Music Player Alternatives to Google Play Music

  1. AIMP

A fairly powerful music application, AIMP can work with the most common file types, such as FLAC, MP3, MP4, and others. Customisation options, theming and other interesting stuffs are available. The UI of the app is simple and you won’t have issues moving round the app and playing music. It has an excellent equaliser, HTTP live streaming, and volume normalization. It’s definitely more advanced than most basic player apps around. You can also get the desktop version for your computer.


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  1. Musicolet

This app – Musicolet – makes it to the list as a great alternative to Google Play Music. It is a lightweight music player having tons of features. You’ll be able to control the music player using your earphone button. This is possible by clicking once for pause/play, clicking twice to play the next track, and clicking thrice to play the previous music. Fast-forwarding of songs can be achieved with 4 or more repeated clicks. The developers claim that Musicolet is the only Android music player that has support for multiple aying queues. The app GUI is intuitive so you can easily access tabs for folders, albums, artists, and playlists.


  1. Phonograph

Phonograph has a design that makes it one of the gorgeous-looking music players for Android. It’s interface is that of Material design that is free of distractions thus, letting you focus on the music that is playing. The music player has support for the most common audio files and does automatic downloads of missing information from your media like album art. Included in the app is also a tag editor which let’s you manually edit song tags such as title, artist for single songs or whole albums. There are customisation options in the app for things to be your own way.

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  1. Shuttle Music Player

You might not have heard of Shuttle before, but it is an app that deserves your attention. Unlike other apps that are heavy with a lot of settings and customisations, Shuttle has a more lightweight look and feel. Included in the app are sleep timer, gapless playback, a choice of a few different themes, built-in equalizer and much more. If you are materiyolo kid, this app is much perfech the way it looks. There’s a free version and paid version, with the paid version going for $0.99.


  1. Poweramp

This is a popular music player app on the Google Play Store with many downloads. It’s is popular amongst Android users due to its features. Its interface is a nice and intuitive one. You get solid features from the app as it can support  all the audio file format you want to play. Additionally, it offers audio enhancements and a many other features like equalizer, bass and treble, mono mixing and stereo expansion mode.


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