The piano is a fun instrument to play. Aside from fun, it gives out great sound when played. How about hearing those sounds on your iPhone, really cool right? With the right piano app, you can play your favorite songs on the piano. What’s more? These apps let you learn the piano in a fun, easy way. Okay, let’s dive in, check out our best piano app picks for iPhones.

5 Top Piano Apps for iPhones

1. Mussila Music School

Musilla Musical School is a piano app targeted at children between the age of 6 to 11 years for them to learn music basics. It is a nicely designed and gives a feel of the adventure of Mussila band as they proceed on a musical journey. Your part is to help them find instruments, costumes and create your own music. The app uses a music syllabus that builds the player as he progresses through the levels including recognizing instruments, instrumental sounds, rhythm, and melodies. Have fun as you assist the Mussila band in finding their lost instrument and costumes. You can record your own music on the app and also have fun to play piano notes.

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  1. Tenuto

Tenoto is a musical training app that you can start with as a beginner in piano. Using it allows you to harness the power of technology in supplementing your lessons by focusing on music theory and ear training. The app is a solution provider as it solves the problem people face from learning from a book by the use of interactive keyboards that shows you exactly what you’re playing and the reason why it adheres to a specific rule in music. It contains exercises and quizzes that keep your memory fresh by turning work into games.


  1. Piano 3D

The great thing that you’ll notice about this app is that it has quality graphics – they look real. This app is a great tool to enjoy playing the piano on your device. You can either tap and play or select a song you like as the keys light up on the piano of your choice. It is possible with this app, to record songs and you play and you can share your recorded songs on social media.


  1. Piano Free – Keyboard With Magic Tiles Music Games

A popular and highly rated app, Piano free is available on the iOS platform. It is not heavyweight yet it delivers features that are interesting. It has the zoom option to enable you to zoom in and out according to the size of your fingers. You can record your music like most of the other apps. There are a vast number of different notes with which you can choose and play. Features like Magic keys makes the app spectacular as it allows you to play a selected song by tapping any key. This implies that you just select the song and it will play the tune even if it is the wrong key you pressed.

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  1. Gismart Piano Free

If you want a more adult-like feel on a piano application, then Gismart Piano Free is worth giving a try. It features the full 88-key piano so you can play any tune of your choice. You can pick one from either the dual or single keyboard, the one you prefer. You can also connect a MIDI keyboard if you like. It also has a few instruments whose sounds you can play like a piano, accordion, pipe organ, grand piano, or harpsichord. It is easy to use and you won’t find it difficult you operate.



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