5 Top Web Browsers for iPhones



We use the internet for various things which could be sending a mail, viewing our social media feeds, searching for information, downloading, or playing games. These things have become better with the internet involved. We can also do all these on our mobile phones like iPhone or iPad as they are powerful enough to handle them. There has to be an app to enable us do them and that is a web browser. We've gotten for you 5 best web Browsers for iPhones.

Top Web Browsers for iPhones

  1. Google Chrome

This is a top browser available for Windows and Android devices. The Google owned browser is also available for iOS devices. Accessing your recently opened tabs, bookmarks, and favorites on different devices is not that difficult as all you need do is to sign in with your Gmail ID. Many like this browser not only for its remarkable cross-platform support but also for its seamless browsing. The app allows you to access previously visited pages in a quick manner.


  1. Puffin Browser

Puffin browser is known for its fast browsing capabilities and is available for Apple and Android devices. It gets its speed by moving the workload from resource-limited devices to cloud servers. It also offers protection in the cloud as all traffic that comes from the app to the server is encrypted. This implies that you can be sure of browser protection even when you are on a public non-secure Wi-Fi network. You can enjoy a great user experience on this browser with its virtual trackpad and gamepad.

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  1. Firefox

This browser is one of the most popular on Earth. Many people have used it and knows what it does. The browser has a wide range of features like bookmarks, private browsing, search, and more. It also comes with  a cross-platform sync feature which works with the desktop version of Firefox. A new version of Firefox was launched in early 2018. It's a little buggy, but it serves users better than the previous versions. Updates released  over time should fix the bugs. Firefox is a free-to-use browser and is open source.


  1. Dolphin Browser

This is a freeware browser as well as a mobile one available for the Android and iOS operating systems. There are advanced features available on the browser such as voice commands to tell the browser the websites to go. You can access multiple tabs for your multitasking needs. Without mincing words, Dolphin Browser is one of the Safari alternatives that you can use for surfing the net on your iPhone. This is one of the first alternative browser that allows multi-touch gestures.


  1. Adblock Browser 2.0

You can get this Browser from Apple’s app store, for both iPhone and iPad. In 2017 a complete redesign of Adblock named 2.0 was released with better usability for IOS users. Ghost Mode function is available on the browser, which is needed for better private browsing. The feature allows users to browse the web anonymously with a single tap.


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