5 ways to secure your Facebook account from Hackers

Over the years, the number of Facebook account that have been subject to the activities of hackers are countless. One would begin to wonder if Facebook have lost it in terms of providing users with security or users have become careless in the handling of their accounts. While the earlier statement would be a topic for debate some other time in the future, we would examine 5 ways Facebook users can secure their accounts from prying eyes and unauthorized access.

5 ways to secure your Facebook account from Hackers
5 ways to secure your Facebook account from Hackers

5 ways to secure your Facebook account from Hackers

1. Create a strong password

Guarding your Facebook account starts off with creating a very strong and unpredictable password (passcode). You shouldn’t go all out using predictable numbers or values like your first son’s name, or worse; your month of birth. Always try as much as possible to use random (but rememberable) words or phrases. It’s also best to boost the strength of your password by adding some numerics.

2. Modify Privacy settings

As a Facebook account owner and user, make sure whatever information you are sharing is guarded against prying eyes by making them viewable by your friends alone.

You can do this by:

  • Click on the settings
  • Select Privacy option.
  • Here, you would see three options where you can control who sees your posts, who can contact you, and who can see your profile.
  • Change everything to “Friends only” if it’s on Public

3. Enable Two-step verification

Facebook’s Two-step verification (also called Login Approvals) allows you access into your Facebook account by providing your password and an authentication code sent to your registered mobile number. This boosts your account’s security and resistance to hacking.

4. Substitute HTTP with HTTPS

HTTPS is a way of securely communicating between the server and your computer.

To enable HTTPS browsing on Facebook;

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Navigate and click Account
  • Click Account Settings
  • Then select Account Security and check the “Browse Facebook on a secure connection” box.

5. Avoid Spam links

Avoid clicking on malicious links that redirects to fake  websites that can steal all personal information (like your Facebook username and password). These links could even damage your device.

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