OnePlus is not done yet on 4G smartphones yet there is news on 5G devices is streaming in for the company. The management wants to be ahead in 5G technology even though fans will still have their favorite smartphones to buy. Devices like OnePlus 7 will be released in 4G in 2019.

The idea is that while improving stuff for 4G devices in 2019, the company will continue maintaining a lead over other smartphone makers in the 5G internet network.

So, in 2019, there will be a version of OnePlus 7 4G and another one with 5G. Those who don’t want support may have to go for the 4G edition. A better way to do it would have been to incorporate both 4G and 5G into the same single device, since most devices today are able to possess 2G, 3G, and 4G internet networks in-built.

It is still believed that in 2019, most fans would still prefer being on the 4G technology, as only a small unique portion of enthusiasts will want to 5G in their smartphone.

Since people will be picking 5G and it’s different from 4G, the price will be significantly different than what obtains in other phones. One of the executives of OnePlus said that his forecast will put the 5G devices between $200 and $300 higher than the 4G devices that we know now from OnePlus.

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What is the deal here? Those who really want 5G phones will get it all costs when the chips are down. So, the executive said that the price won’t be a problem for users, seeing that 5G is what they are after.

OnePlus does not really care about cheap products designed to be cheap for cheaps sake. It is and will always be much of a transition of the unique business model. The company has been able to offer quality in the way that many people see existing OnePlus flagship offering in comparison to other flagships coming at a reasonable price.

The team believes that releasing a 4G phone alongside a 5G of the same version will make the company come up stronger against competition while it can also make use of next generation internet connectivity for those who really want it.


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