5G Smartphone: Motorola beats Samsung and Huawei with Moto Mod 5G


Always at the forefront of innovation, among the highs and lows of long experience, Motorola has always been a producer in high-end telephony. Not surprisingly, let's talk about the US company now from Lenovo, since in the long queue of the advent of the first 5G-compatible devices, Motorola came first.

Yes, before Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Apple. And no wonder, moreover, many of the technologies behind our smartphones were created by StarTAC producers. Therefore today the first smartphone in the world really able to connect to the 5G network is a Motorola, and it doesn't matter if it beat the giants of telephony with the use of an accessory.

Motorola beats Samsung and Huawei with the first 5G smartphone

Rather than producing a completely new and expensive smartphone, the Moto Mod 5G is now available on the market. For those who have a Moto Z3, with this accessory they can convert their phone on the 5G network without spending crazy sums.

Also, the release date was not chosen at random, since on 3 April 1973 the first call was made from a mobile phone, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. It was the first portable telephone in history, become a style icon in many films and traded as a cult object among collectors.

As often happens, since it is Lenovo, the Mod 5G will not arrive in some countries, but for now, it will be destined only to the US market of reference for the manufacturer. The Verizon USA operator is the exclusive Mod dealer with which to connect to the 5G network of the same operator.

However, Motorola has also made its mark in this decade.

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