5g connectivity
5g connectivity

At the present time, many people in the world make use of 4G smartphones. They love it for just one reason. It is fast, very fast. But no matter how fast the 4G network on your is at the present time, there is 5G which is already available now in some parts of the world and this network really beats the 4G network when it comes to speed. Some are afraid that this new technology will replace 4G and are wondering what they will experience when 5G network and smartphones become popular.

In this article, we will first examine what 5G is, and the relationship between 4G and 5G. Finally, we will also examine how the two can complement each other.

What is 5G Internet Connection?

We have written extensively about 5G networks on this website. Click here to get some ideas if you still don’t fully understand what a 5G network mean. The 5G buzz is everywhere. People are being told how this will blow our minds and lives all the way to a new level. Some advertising are now showing to us just how marvelous the network will be and phones that already has it like the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G are very tantalizing when we see them on Billboard advertising. These ads tell us that if we think about speed, the network surpasses anything we could think of.

The Upsides and Downsides of 5G Networks

First, most people, even the people who are responsible for creating the network itself are still learning about it. Why, the technology is really new. It has been available now in the United States of America for only a few months.

Yes, this 5G is touted as “a game-changing technology, according to a C-Net review. Why it is called this way is that it is able to dramatically “boost the speed and coverage of wireless networks.”

The C-Net reveals that the network is able to run between 10 and 100 times faster than the 4G networks we all know. In fact, it is quicker than anything a fiber-optic cable in our homes can deliver today. Even the amount of time that the 5G phone pings the network and the time it responds is amazingly faster than what Wi-Fi provides at the present time.

Yet, this network has its own limitations. For one, it has been said that the higher-frequency bands rolled out first by Verizon and AT&T, which is called the millimeter wave is able to provide great speed. However, the signals cannot travel far. On the other side, things like trees, double-pane glass are able to block millimeter wave signals. In Europe, 5G companies are thinking of building their networks with sub-6GHz which is a mid-band spectrum that is slower than the millimeter wave bands. The objective is to have something that can travel long distance without obstruction.

What Does 5G Mean for 4G Your Smartphone?

Unlike the case where 4G cancels or replaces 3G, 4G complements 5G. In this way, 4G is a network that will remain relevant for a long time. Also, 5G and 4G networks will combine to make speed even faster. They will both be aggregated to give users the best internet experience they have ever had. So, there’s nothing to worry about because your 4G will still serve you for as long as you want it to.

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