6 Best 12GB RAM Phones Worth Your Attention in 2019

    The following phones revealed below are among the best and very first 12GB RAM smartphones ever in mobile devices history. The story of phones that arrive with 12GB of RAM started late last year and Lenovo put the world at a center stage. Now below you can find seven of these 12GB RAM phones already featured here on Techlector. In case you’re looking for smartphones that arrive with massive storage spaces, look no further.

    Lenovo Z5 Pro GT

    Late last year, Lenovo surprised the world by creating a smartphone with 12GB of RAM. This was something that no other smartphone manufacturing company had done. I put it here to give Lenovo the honor. Since then, the company has gone on to release another one which is not on this list. The smartphone was released in December 2018 but started shipping early in January 2019. Check out more information about this phone here.

    Vivo IQOO

    Vivo iQOO
    Vivo iQOO

    Before its release, this Vivo smartphone, which also came as a 12GB RAM smartphone was highly publicized as a monster gaming smartphone. One of the most important aspects of the phone is the 12GB of RAM. It was and is still a big deal. It came with a high screen to body ratio, three cameras, and the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon (855) at the time. Check out more about the IQOO here.

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

    Wow! When this Galaxy S10 Plus dropped, it came with 12GB RAM and 1TB at the internal storage. Of course, there were lower variants but this variant stole the show and is indeed the most expensive of them all. And for Samsung to make us forget the first 12GB RAM Lenovo, the company added three rear cameras and got the world admiring the phone. Read more about the S10 Plus here.

    ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3

    I like to call it ‘Magic raised to Power 3’. This ZTE product blew minds. Of course, the company is known for releasing phones on budget too. In all areas, it had the features of top high-end mobile device and people loved it in the sense that it became a game darling just like the IQOO mentioned above. Get a full review of the phone here.

    IQOO Space Knight Limited Edition

    Here is another one from IQOO. It came with four cameras in addition to the massive 12GB RAM. The limited edition slapped on it meant that it was reserved for some group of individuals who would love to buy it. Four cameras come with the phone. Of course, price is not a concern to us here in this review but if you would love to know what price the phone sells. Click here for more information.

    Samsung Galaxy S10 X

    Ah! Another surprise from Samsung. This S10 X is not a phone I can confirm has been released right now. It is a 5G Android network smartphone. So we can say that Samsung combined two surprises: 12GB RAM and 5G, which many people have been waiting for. However, please don’t get it twisted. S10 X smartphone has a lower variant than 12GB RAM phone. Check out more about this phone here.


    There you go, these are the six best 12GB RAM smartphones publicized on this platform. Take note that all these phones have the best features in things like display, camera, network, battery, performance and they are of course very expensive.


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