Best iPhone SE Cases
Best iPhone SE Cases

iPhone SE 2020 was released recently and price-conscious Apple lovers who want the qualities of the higher-end iPhone lineup can settle for it. Featuring the powerful Bionic A13, the one present on the iPhone 11, you have great value for your money at a price of $400.

It’s imperative you get a good case for your iPhone SE especially if you’re clumsy. You don’t want your highly valued device to get damaged within a short time of buying it. We’ve highlighted 6 Best iPhone SE 2020 cases here.

Best iPhone SE 2020 Cases and Covers

  1. Official Cases from Apple

1 IPhone SE 2020 Official Cases From Apple
Phone SE 2020 Official Cases From Apple

You have an Apple device and if you want it all things Apple, you can opt for the official premium case from Apple. Apple made available two cases for the second-generation iPhone SE: Silicone Case and Leather Case. Their designs are sophisticated and fit into the smartphone perfectly. The Apple iPhone SE 2 will withstand minor shock and scratches although it has a slim-factor.

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2. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case

2 Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case_For IPhone SE 2020
Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case_For iPhone SE 2020

Rugged yet affordable, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case offers protection from drops and bumps. With a blend of flexible TPU and hard polycarbonate, you’re getting a case that’s up to the protection task. The case comes with a holster and belt clip. Openings and ports covers lie on the case and the case is built to provide complete coverage. The case is available in four color options.

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3. Spigens Liquid Crystal Case

3 Spigens Liquid Crystal Case For IPhone SE 2020
Spigens Liquid Crystal Case For iPhone SE 2020

The iPhone SE doesn’t look like the modern iPhone design and is a bit old in look but the Spigens Liquid Crystal Case will make sure it still looks beautiful and give it protection. The case is built from clear TPU that puts Apple design in view. You get optimum protection from the shock-absorbent TPU. This slim case from Spigen is one that will add value to your iPhone SE 2020 in the form of protection.

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4. Kung Fu Grip Case

4 Kung Fu Grip Case For IPhone SE 2020
Kung Fu Grip Case For iPhone SE 2020

Kung Fu Grip Case is from Smartish and is a great case for an iPhone SE 2020. It has sides that are grippy in nature so that you have fewer chances of dropping your phone. Its buttons are made to be clickable and it has a high-quality build and finish. It boasts of Air pocket that ensures that your phone isn’t damaged when it tumbles. Even though it is not the slimmest case our there, it isn’t so bulky or heavy and is a great choice for your iPhone SE 2020.

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5. Harmony Case

5 Harmony Case For IPhone Se 2020
Harmony Case For iPhone Se 2020

Harmony Case was inspired by women’s sunglasses, and the case is made to make your iPhone shine with distinction. The stylish ombre case flaunts metallic button accents and a soft TPU body. Its raised bezels are there to safeguard your screen from scratches and bumps. Unequal technology is leverage by the case to withstand impact from moderate drops. The Harmony Case is available in various options like pink, purple, mint, gray, and a cyan-to-purple ombre.

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6. Olixar Soft Silicone Case

6 Olixar Soft Silicone Case For IPhone SE 2020
Olixar Soft Silicone Case For iPhone SE 2020

The Olixar Soft Silicone Case is an affordable and great option to protect your iPhone SE. The material used in making it is durable and thus it provides a rugged protection against damages. The case boasts of a non-slip coating that helps you have a firm grip of the device so that it doesn’t slip off your hands. It is designed to be slim and stylish and you won’t experience bulkiness. With raised bezel edges, your screen gets protection from impact, scratches or dirt.

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