smart tv for sale with netflix app
smart tv for sale with netflix app

A Smart TV is basically a television set integrated with internet and interactive “Web 2.0” features that enable users to stream music and video contents, and as well browse the internet. A smart TV gives you access to a world of content beyond live TV channels.

One way or the other, you must have come across or heard about a “smart TV”. They are becoming even more popular as days go by, but also, questions keep popping up among individuals interested in purchasing a smart TV for themselves. We have compiled some of these common questions and answered them from experience.

Will Smart TV work without an internet connection?

Because it is said to be “Smart” doesn’t restrict its to work only via internet connection. So the answer is yes, you can use it as a normal television and you can also make use of Applications installed on it that do not require internet connection. For example, you can watch already downloaded movies on Netflix or Youtube without an internet connection, you can also play games that do not require internet connectivity.

Do Smart TVs need antivirus?

Every device that has the ability to connect to the internet is vulnerable and can be attacked by a virus. Smart TV is technically a computer, so, yes, it can be infected by a virus. To get antivirus on to your TV system, you will have to hack your TV yourself and install your preferred OS, could be Linux so that you can load software that hasn’t been written on the TV by the TV manufacturer.

Can my Smart TV be Hacked? Can it Spy on me?

Unfortunately, the answer here is yes, most Smart TVs are known to have a weak security setup. Also, the TV manufacturer might be getting your information and using them for targeted advertising.

To avoid this, go through your TVs list of options and commands and turn off anything that indicates sending of data back to any location.

Should I buy a Smart TV or stick to my old TV?

Well, the answer to this question actually depends on what you intend to use the TV for. Smart TVs are wonderful because of their ability to install Applications and Games, record live shows, web browsing, smartphone connectivity and social networking like Skype.

Even with all these nice features, there are certain risks associated with Smart TVs and it is important to know them before making the decision to buy one. The security risks we talked about earlier is one of them.

What are the differences between Smart TV and regular TV?

Differences in ability include;

  • A Smart TV can work just like a Smart phone, access Wi-Fi and run applications while a regular TV cant
  • You can access the internet and get content on Youtube and Netflix via your Smart TV.

Also, you can convert your regular TV to work as a Smart TV by using a digital media player like Chromecast, Roku or Apple media player.

What should I consider when choosing a Smart TV?

The major features you should consider when selecting a Smart TV are;

  • Picture resolution
  • Price
  • Screen size
  • HDMI, USB and other connections
  • Contrast ratio and Refresh rate.

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