Delete Badoo Account – Badoo is one of the best online dating websites that most persons have signed up on lately. Badoo has millions of users every day willing to embark on the Badoo login/Badoo sign up procedures. Notwithstanding, the website is very popular, most persons still have this inner dissatisfaction with the site.

This situation of wanting to deactivate your Badoo account may arise for different reasons. You might feel that it is not the right website for you now. You might not have gotten the perfect matches that you were looking for from the website.

Due to the nature of the website, you might have been constantly disturbed by the unwanted messages sent to you by strangers because of its porosity.

So, don’t worry, if you want to delete your Badoo account, we will give you the guidelines that you should take, like in order for you to delete /deactivate your Badoo profile.

How To Delete Badoo Account | Deactivate Badoo Account On PC

Step 1

The first step is for you to actually exhaust all other options that you have. Once you have deleted your Badoo account, you stand to lose all your data that are on the dating site. If your reason for leaving the site is not merely because you want to leave, if it is all about any technical issue, then you should consider contacting the Badoo support team.

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Step 2

Go to the Badoo account homepage. Then pick the sign in that is on the top right side of the home screen. Thereafter, input your email address and your password. When you are done with that, tap on the login button by clicking on let me in

Step 3

Access your account profile on Badoo. Go to the top left corner of the picture. Then tap on it to open the profile. Then you will tap into a gear- like an icon to open the account settings.

Step 4

Inform Badoo about your intent to delete your account on Badoo. In order to do this, scroll down to the bottom of that account settings options, simply click on delete account. Accept or Refuse Badoo’s Suggestion

Badoo will provide you with certain options of other remedies aside deleting your account. You are at your liberty to choose if you still want to delete your account. Then tap on the continue button

Step 5

Tell Badoo the reasons why you want to delete Badoo account

Step 6

Thereafter enter your password. This will confirm that you want to delete your Badoo account. Finally, click on delete your account

Step 7

That’s all the process needed. Badoo will send you an email to confirm the deletion of your Badoo account. Meanwhile, if you change your decision, you can reactivate your Badoo account. Just open the email sent to you and tap on the link stated there

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How To Delete Badoo Account From your iPhone | Cancel Badoo Account

♦ Go to settings

♦ Select and sign in to your Apple ID

♦ Scroll down to the bottom to view all your subscriptions

♦ Choose the Badoo subscription option

♦ Click manage the manage button

♦ Click on cancel to cancel your Badoo subscription.

♦ Go to your email address to confirm the delete

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