Ruler Apps
Ruler Apps

With the help of this application, you can turn your Android into a ruler.

For children who are still in school or students who are majoring in engineering or architecture, a ruler is one of the most important tools for them, whether it is long, round, or triangular. Well, if you have a smartphone, you can turn your cellphone into a multipurpose measuring tool with the help of a ruler application.

There are several applications that can turn your cellphone into a measuring device or change one unit of measure to another. How to use it is quite easy because it can measure larger objects easily.

Here are 6 of the best ruler applications that turn your cellphone into a multipurpose meter

Keep in mind, this ruler application only provides measurement results that are approximate. For more accurate results, you can use an original measuring tool.

Ruler by Xalpha Lab

Ruler By Xalpha Lab
Ruler By Xalpha Lab

The Ruler by Xalpha Lab application is one of the best ruler applications that you can use to measure. Before using it, you need to do a calibration so that your measurement results are spot and accurate enough, by using coins or credit cards. After that, you can measure anything!

One of the interesting things you can get from the Ruler by Xalpha Lab ruler application is that this application is free and light enough for your cellphone. Unfortunately, this application can only measure objects the size of your cellphone screen.

Download link: Ruler by Xalpha Lab

Ruler by NixGame

Ruler By Nixgame
Ruler By Nixgame

This application made by NixGame also has the same name as the application owned by Xalpha Lab, namely Ruler. Even though the name doesn’t seem creative because it is similar to other applications, this application really explains that this application only has one purpose, namely to take measurements.

This application can measure very accurately and is quite easy to use, especially with its attractive appearance. You can change the unit of measurement that you want to use, and this application also provides converter units from mm to inches or cm to inches.

Download link: Ruler by NixGame

Ruler App by Nikola Kosev

Ruler App By Nikola Kosev
Ruler App By Nikola Kosev

The Ruler App developed by Nikola Kosev can measure all objects using a cellphone screen with a more modern design. Besides being more responsive, this application is also very easy to use, then you can copy the measurement results to the clipboard or other applications.

What distinguishes it from other ruler applications is that this application can also be calibrated using the original ruler, so that the measurements you get can be more accurate.

Download link: Ruler App by Nikola Kosev



ImageMeter is an application used to measure the objects around you. Unlike other measurement applications, this application uses a photo to calculate its approximate size. You need to use other reference objects as a form of calibration.

For example, if you know how high or wide a room is, you can place a reference chart on the image and map an accurate window using this app, which will automatically compensate for any distorted measurements and angles.

Download link: ImageMeter



EasyMeasure is one of the best ruler apps for Android that you can use to measure the distance from an object using your cellphone’s camera lens, all without using a ruler or tape measure. Just point the camera at objects around you, this application will display the distance.

In addition to measuring distances, this application can also be used to estimate the height of your friends or a skyscraper. This app uses the height and tilt of the lens and then uses a trigonometric formula to come up with a nearly accurate measurement.

Download link: EasyMeasure

GPS Fields Area Measure

Gps Fields Area Measure
Gps Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area Measure is one of the best measurement apps on Android because it uses the latest technology in an effective way. As the name suggests, this application allows you to take area measurements using GPS.

To take these measurements, for example, to measure the area of ​​a paddy field, you need to walk around the area that you want to calculate, from the initial position to finally returning to the original position. The drawback is, this application cannot be used to calculate a small area because the application uses GPS technology.

Download link: GPS Fields Area Measure

Those are the 6 best Android ruler applications that can turn your cellphone into a multipurpose ruler. Keep in mind that this application only produces measurements that use the closest calculation result. To get accurate results, of course, you need to do calculations with the appropriate tools.

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