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Verizon Playing Games

Android devices are very popular with people now and among the flux of activities that go on on our smartphones, many play games that helps them relax and ease boredom. There are different categories of games ranging from action to sports to adventure and so on. In this post we’ll talk about the strategy category and  give you a list of the top strategy games that you can have on your android device.

Strategy games is any game where triumphs are gotten by strategy rather than force or technical abilities or skills. Players are engaged with aggravating game skills that has to do with strategic thinking. I present to you the 6 top strategy Android games below:

6 Top Strategy Android Games

  1. Age of Civilizations

A mix of strategy game and board game, Age of Civilizations makes it as Number 1. Playing this game puts you in a role of obtaining territories from other civilizations. There are a variety of scenarios available including World War I and II with modern world scenario too. The game allows you to challenge yourself by giving you the option of creating your own scenarios. Preloaded in the game are 193 civilizations, two planets, and some interesting mechanics. It’s a simple game with great features.

Download Age of Civilizations here

  1. Battle of Polytopia

This game is created with the 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) genre of strategy games in mind. Not only does it possess the 4X qualities, it is built in a mobile friendly manner. The game playing process involves you taking command of one of the many tribe of the game, as they try to reach the highest score possible in 30 turns. This is possible by them exploring the map, developing their civilization and dealing with their neighbours. A great feature of the game is the recent addition of online multiplayer that makes it a wonderful mobile stategy game.

Downloa Battle of Polytopia here

  1. Holedown

Holedown is played as a puzzle game having an healthy dose of strategy. The game involve you working your way to the sun starting from an asteriod by mining the core of celestial bodies. The mining is done with bouncing miner balls that fires off of coloured bricks. You’ll need to know the number of hits to destroy it and this is represented by a number on each brick. If you love physics-based puzzle games, you’ll surely find Holedown interesting.

Download Holedown here

  1. Enemy Within

If you know the 2012 stategy game of the year – XCOM: Enemy Unknown, then we have  Enemy Within, which is the standalone expansion . Enemy Within comes with the core gameplay of Enemy Unknown with additional content. Players can make researches of a new alien technology to advance your operatives capabilities. With new weapons and equipment, you can give your operatives a better edge with new projects from your Foundry and engineering team.

Download Enemy Within here

5. Autumn Dynasty – RTS

Autumn Dynasty leaves you amazed with its distinctive graphics. Graphics of the game are designed with different forms of traditional paintings that makes you have a genuine feel when playing the game. By physically circling groups and targets, you paint your commands in a bid to tell them what to do. You get to make strategy by taking up your sword to stop the public war from breaking out.

Download Autumn Dynasty – RTS here

6. Bid Wars Pawn Empire

For offline game players, Bid Wars Pawn Empire would just do as it is one of the best strategy games where you construct an empire by bidding on auctions and collecting items. The game has a lot of missions, opponents, amazing items event, and many more features preloaded in it.

Download Bid Wars Pawn Empire here

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