dofollow commentluv blogs list
dofollow commentluv blogs list

High traffic can be generated through CommentLuv blogs. Now what are CommentLuv blogs? CommentLuv blogs are blogs which have their comment section powered by CommentLuv. Making comment on blogs like this most especially those with higher page rank can increase your site traffic, boost your search engine ratings and get good page rank in the long run. We would be revealing the most used 65 DoFollow CommentLuv blogs with high page ranks.


How does commenting on blogs helps improve site traffic?

When you are make a comment on CommentLuv enabled blog, it will automatically fetch 15 articles from your blog (Your most recent 10 plus 5 favorite articles), that’s if you have the premium version of the plugin. This helps you chose which article on your blog to link back to. You will only be allowed o choose just one you feel to fit in or related to article you are commenting on so as not to make it look like a spam comment in the face of search engine spiders.

What you get from commenting on CommentLuv enabled Blogs

  • When you comment frequently on those blogs, the readers of that blog would see the links back to your blog giving your more traffic
  • It increase the number of quality backlinks pointing to your site which would also boost your page rank and search result position.

65 High PR Dofollow Commentluv Enabled Blogs

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