These applications will positively keep your kids alive. With these applications installed on your kid’s smartphone or tablet, they won’t have the time to destroy things in your house and you no longer need to buy them game boy or sega. Kids love playing games, it is your responsibility to choose which type of game they play. Here are some educative and fun-filled games your kids can engage in today.

8 Kids Games For Android

1. SpongeBob Game Station

Most kids love the cartoon, if your child loves SpongeBob then you can get them this game on their Android phone. Your kids will have no other option to solve interesting puzzles and even hang out with SpongeBob. Aside from that, they will also meet Squidward and Patrick, Mr. Crab will also be there.

Get this game here.

2. Fishdom

This game is still one of the top Puzzle games for every kid; they can also exchange and match to build lovely homes for the fish. There are many challenges that will keep your kids busy. The best part is that these games will work even without data connection.

You can get the game here.

3. Angry Birds 2

Angry birds 2 is the coolest action game for every child, if your children love the cartoon then they’ll definitely love the game. They will be required to pick their favorite bird to put in the slingshot and conquer the pigs with depth tactic. This will lighten up your kids’ minds and make them even smarter.

Get this game here.

4. Bubble Shooter

Like the name implies, your child will be shooting bubbles, this cool puzzle game comes with many features for your children. Your children can feed their own bird and even dress them up, with many challenging stages to scale through. The smooth shooting experience will also motivate the kids.

Get the app here.

5. Panda Pop

Panda Pop is an awesome game for children, particularly if they love KungFu Panda. In the game, the children get to liberate baby Pandas from the wicked Baboon that kidnapped them. Their mothers are enormously worried and waiting for you to rescue and bring the little baby Pandas home. How will you cope?

Get the app here.

6. Roll The Ball

This game is one of the most downloaded games for children on Play Store. As the name states, your children need to roll the ball, then they get to work out their brain a little. This is absolutely one of the top kids’ games.

Get it here.

7. Tic Tac Toe Glow

Do you still remember the Tic Tac Toe game? Your children can play it too and they will definitely love it. This game has over 10 million downloads on Play Store, it also bags AI and adapts to your play approach. Your child doesn’t need a paper and biro to play and enjoy this game like you did, they can do that on the phone by their selves.

Get the app here.

8. Word Search

Reigns highest at number 4 in the awesome challenging puzzle game on Play Store. It’s accessible in English language and other languages. Your children will learn many words while playing this game over time. Furthermore, there’s a novice version with lots of simple words.

Get the app here.


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