smartphones tops 2018
smartphones tops 2018

Smartphone addiction. That’s one problem many of us will not agree we are suffering from. One thing that makes many of us get addicted is the number of games that we can play on our Android phone.

Here are some hard facts about smartphone uses. For example, the average person checks his or her phone 110 times a day. Many people check their phones first thing when they wake up. 61 percent sleep with their phones on. One in three smartphone users wake in the night to check their phones. More of these are 18-24 years old.

Smartphones are not bad at all as it makes us live better every day. Even though there are so many good experiences we can get from using smartphones, there are new researches that show surprising facts about smartphone usage.

Now, if you want to be free from smartphone addiction, here are steps you can take this very moment.

  • Admit you have a problem that must be solved

That is the most single powerful way for you to beat the smartphone addiction syndrome. Once you are able to know that you have a problem, the problem is half-way solved.

  • Turn off notifications

I pick this step because it is the most annoying thing right now as I make use of my mobile phone. Notifications, whether they make sounds or just vibrate snatch my attention anytime they buzz. You can imagine, sometimes I have to be distracted about 40 -50 times in one hour! Immediately I turned them off, I feel like a heavy burden has left my shoulders.

  • Think Before you pick your phone

This applies whether you want to pick a call from another person, check your WhatsApp messages, e-mail messages, or even check notifications. Decide to reach out only for some tasks on your phones during some days and avoid the other tasks completely. Most of all, think before you open that game on your smartphone.

  • Delete some apps

Start with the game apps. I know what I mean. These are the most addictive in any smartphone. Next take out some of the movies or songs. Also check out those apps you really don’t use and delete them. Yes, take out the clutter in your life!

  • Decide to put the phone away while driving

It doesn’t matter how long you drive each day. Staying away from using your smartphone while driving is very much beneficial. You save yourself from possible accident which could lead to bodily harm or even death.

  • Don’t take it to toilet

Yes, this is very addictive as some of us are known to be with our phone, sitting there in the toilet for hours long. There are other places you shouldn’t take your phone to. Another is the dinner, or to bed.

  • Pay more attention to physical relationships

People who are young are now so good at the social media language which works not in real world. Are you having problems communicating meaningfully with others physically, it is time to get closer to others physically not only through apps.

  • Switch it off at night

For me, it has paid off by making me sleep well. The more you do it, the better you get at learning to put the phone away.


I seriously believe that smartphone addiction creates way for growing tensions in young people and adults alike and these could lead to acute diseases in humans although not directly. When the body is subjected to too much of anything, there will be long-term issues. Taking the phone away sometimes can also ease the stress.

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