The April update of Windows 10 was launched a couple of months ago. The new version of the operating system has introduced some changes, with the idea of giving more functions to users and that the user experience is better. A large majority of users have already adopted this update according to the latest official figures.

80% of Windows 10 users have upgraded to April Update

The update has not been free of problems, since many users have suffered problems in their computer, from very different sources. But this has not stopped users from upgrading to this new version.

The April 10 update of Windows 10 advances

So far, 82% of Windows 10 users have already obtained the April update. A large majority, as we can see, in just two months after its launch. So the pace of updates has been intense on the part of the users of this version. What is not known are the reasons why 18% have not updated.

Since after the many problems that have been, many users have wanted to wait a while to get the update of April on your computer. Waiting in this way that the problems would be solved with the passage of time.

We will see how the arrival of this version of Windows 10 evolves to the market. And in a matter of a few months, a new update will arrive, the one in autumn. So we will soon know some of the news that will come with it.

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