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WhatsApp & Telegram's Media Files Are At Risk Due To Media File Jacking Vulnerability

WhatsApp & Telegram’s Media Files Are At Risk Due To “Media File Jacking” Vulnerability

WhatsApp & Telegram keep your messages encrypted before it gets delivered to the receiver. But this doesn't happen with the media files, these are...

Telegram for iOS: Version 5 makes everything new

The Telegram Messenger for iOS is available in a new version. Completely new, because as announced now the switch from Telegram to Telegram X is completed. Telegram X...
Telegram 4.2

How to create polls on Telegram

Guide on how to create polls on TelegramTelegram is perhaps the best client chat ever that makes numerous additional features compared to the competition, such...

WhatsApp Group Comes With Features Like Telegram Channel – Only Administrator Can Send Message

WhatsApp has previously added some new features such as Telegram. Now, another feature added by WhatsApp to their messaging app is the support of...
Telegram VS Telegram X

Telegram VS Telegram X: Which version is better?

Telegram VS Telegram X: Which version is better? Before deciding which version is better, why don't we do a brief introduction to the application...

Why is the Telegram app blocked in Russia and Iran?

Several countries are trying to block Telegram for users. Why is the service forbidden?Both Iran and Russia have recently set up Telegram blockades. In Russia, the...
Telegram 4.2

See the amazing features of the new Telegram update

Telegram 4.2 UpdateTelegram is arguably one of the best instant messaging apps both on the Android and iOS platform. The instant messaging app possesses...
Upcoming WhatsApp App For Desktop Will Function Without Using Your Phone; Rumor Says

Upcoming WhatsApp For Desktop Will Function Without Using Your Phone; Rumor Says

WhatsApp released its web version a way back in 2015. WhatsApp web-only mirrors the conversation from the mobile app and the mobile should be...

Record Voice Calls & Video Calls On WhatsApp for Android With The Best Apps

Today we will see how to record voice calls and video calls on Whatsapp for Android with the best apps in this way those who...

3 ways to send WhatsApp messages to someone without adding him/her as a contact

We can no longer hide it, we are now dependent on Whatsapp, the Facebook messaging application, similar to Telegram, even if the latter is much...