A 13 Year Old Scientist Has Design A Better Hyperloop Concept!

Elon Musk's Hyperloop concept has taken land traveling to another great level. Traveling at 600 miles per hour in a low-pressure belt does not seem an easy challenge in any way. The Hyperloop system will save a lot of time when traveling.

There are many rival companies working hard to bring a better concept than Elon Musk's Hyperloop and now he has a competitor. The competitor is a 13-year-old female scientise who has invented a more economically and eco-friendly Hyperloop concept.

Her name is Caroline Crouchley and she is from Garden City, New York. She has proposed building pneumatic tubes next to existing train tracks. She wants to drive magnetic shuttles through pneumatic tubes connected via a magnetic arm to the running trains traveling on the existing tracks.

caroline-crouchley-hyperloop- new-concept

According to Caroline, the proposed concept will not only cut infrastructure costs as the system will utilize the current tracks but also eliminate the potential safety risks by propelling passengers in a vacuum.

Caroline Crouchely when speaking to CNN said, "I pinpointed transportation as something I wanted to work on because if we can make trains more efficient, then we can eliminate the amount of cars, trucks, and buses on the road".

She went further and said, "My design can rely on 100% renewable energy, so it eliminates the need for a diesel engine or an electric motor, which makes the train lighter, so it can move faster.

She got inspired by her father and brother who travels daily by rail to New York City and started researching on Hyperloop and Maglev.

Caroline's Hyperloop idea rewarded her second position in the annual 3M Young Scientists Challenge.

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