It is an amazing smartphone but it is also said that you can buy it. Maybe that’s for now, let’s see more about the smartphone and see the reason that we can’t buy it now.

First, it is good to know that this phone is coming first from Qualcomm. However, it is so good that fans are already saying it will accomplish a lot. 5G internet network is being given serious attention as 2019 comes around the corner. So much to expect as the first smartphone to arrive in the world is here already.

But the idea is that this phone is not for sale at all. So those who may want to buy the smartphone should stop ruminating about it. For one thing, it is a Qualcomm reference mobile phone simply made to provide roadmap for other companies that want to use Qualcomm’s technology in their own devices.

This is not to say that we should not be hoping for a 5G smartphone soon. There is hope that the first 5G capable handset may come around in the early parts of 2019. Even Qualcomm has ascertained this point at its Snapdragon Summit recently.

Some of the companies that may first launch the 5G network are Samsung and OnePlus. Also, AT&T, Verizon, EE and some others are willing to support the super fast technology for upcoming phones.

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Rolling out 5G has been a long process that has been so burdensome. However, because the world is always looking for what is faster, more efficient, and much better than the status quo, 5G seems to be the only antidote for fast internet connections. It is as if the 4G LTE is no longer fast as it used to be.

Actually, if 5G internet network is anything to go by, this is what we need for faster internet speed, consistent connectivity, longer signal range that may not be able to get disrupted easily as that of other networks.

So whatever anyone thinks, the 5G internet is the new ace in the coming year. Right now, stakeholders are falling head over heels to take a stance and profit from the new 5G technology.

*Pictures in this post are from Techradar


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