A New Version Of "FinSpy" Malware Has Been Found By Kaspersky Researchers

Kaspersky labs have just recently discovered a new version of FinSpy on both Android and iOS platforms. FinSpy is spyware which has been created by the German company Gamma Group. The Gamma Group sells FinSpy to government and law enforcement organizations all over the world. It is an advanced spy tool which incorporates many new and unique features.

FinSpy is mainly used to collect private user information on platforms including Android and iOS. FinSpy desktop implants were first discovered in 2011 by Wikileaks and the mobile implants were discovered in 2012. Later in 2014, this spyware was leaked and it happened again in 2015. After getting leaked twice, the Gamma Group improved this spyware and made it more advanced and hard to detect.

Basically, it was being used to spy on users across 32 countries. According to the reports from the Kaspersky researchers, this spyware was found to be active in 2018 and its last activity was traced in Myanmar during the month of June 2019. This spyware once gets implanted can collect highly private data like Emails, SMS, Device Locations, Calendars, Multimedia Files and messages from some famous social media apps like WhatsApp, messenger etc.

If you own an iOS device then there is good news that this spyware only affects jailbroken iOS devices. This spyware can be remotely installed using different methods like messaging, mail etc. Now coming to the Android devices, the situation becomes even worse as it can be installed on both rooted and unrooted phones. This spyware can easily gain root access by exploiting the DirtyCow vulnerability found in Android smartphones.

FinSpy agents are controlling the FinSpy implants and they are connected to anonymous proxies provided by Gamma Group. These proxies enable them to hide their real locations. The report from Kaspersky says that the FinSpy spyware is getting constantly updated by its developers. It is better that people should avoid installing an app from third-party sources.

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