A Study Says That Excessive Use of Smartphone Can Lead To Growing Of A Pair Of Horns
A Study Says That Excessive Use of Smartphone Can Lead To Growing Of A Pair Of Horns

We have heard a lot about both the advantages and disadvantages of technology and how the tech has affected humans both physically and mentally. According to a recent study, usage of mobile phones for a longer period of time could lead to a very serious physical issue ie growing of a pair of horns.

This study was conducted by the researchers at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. As per the research outcome, horn-like spurs have been detected growing at the back of the human skull. And the reason for this is said to be due to excessive use of smartphones and tablets.

The research was conducted using 12000 X-Rays and the conclusion is suggested to be that spur growth has mostly affected the young humans aged between 18 and 30 years. This spur growing symptom is found to be getting reduced with age. The people of age more than 30 years will be least affected by the excessive use of phone and the chances of a projection coming out of their skull will also be less.

affected ages

The biological reason given behind the growth of spur is that human has a tendency to bend their heads forwaord while using a smartphone or tablet which leads to the shifting of the weight of the skull from the spine to the muscles in the heads’ back. This leads to the growth of bone in ligaments and tendons.

horn like spur-growth

Please note that this study is just a hypothesis which means that the excess usage of the smartphone leading to the growth of horn-like spurs is still not proven. But we need to limit the usage of smartphones because it can adversely affect us both mentally and physically.

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