About 10 Billion Phone Numbers Are Being Created By Japan For 5G Services


We are on the verge of a 5G world where you will enjoy high-speed mobile internet. Japan is going to soon welcome the fifth generation (5G) superfast mobile communication.

Communication ministry of Japan has decided to create 10 billion new 14-digit phone numbers. These phone numbers will start from with code "020" whereas the previously 11-digit numbers used to start with '070', '080' and '090'. These 11 digit numbers will run out by 2022.

At a recent meeting of a group of experts, the meeting board decided to start the generation of the new 14-digit phone numbers latest by 2021. The three major network operator companies including NIT Docomo Inc., KDDI Corp., and SoftBank Corp. accepted this proposal of creating the new 14-digit numbers.

Japan has used 11-digit numbers beginning with "020" since January 2017. These numbers are used for "internet of things" devices. A report from the ministry reveals that 32.6 million out of the 80 million numbers begin with 020 which have been already provided by the major network carriers of the company.

The government of Japan will first listen to its public views on the creation of the new 14-digit numbers for 5G services, and then a detailed report will be generated on the basis of these views. These reports will be then moving to the next step by a ministerial ordinance by the end of 2019.

If the network operators companies manage to update their infrastructure to meet the 5G service requirement before the estimated date, then the new 14-digit numbers would be issued earlier. Japan is a leading country in the field of technology, and it would not be too difficult for this nation to gear up the work.

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