leaked galaxy note 9 press image 486x540
leaked galaxy note 9 press image 486x540

Recently, a series of photos of the leather case, the back pocket as well as the pen S-PEN on the Galaxy Note 9 was revealed by WinFuture. But this image has officially confirmed the color will be on the upcoming flagship of Samsung.

Specifically, here are some pictures of the Clear View case for Galaxy Note 9 in black, blue, brown and purple. As well as the LED View case is black and blue, it is very consistent with the color was rumored to appear on the Galaxy Note 9.

The color on the leather case of Note 9

Meanwhile, the plastic bumper is black, gray and purple, while the back bumper is black and gray. As you can see Galaxy Note 9 will have a total of 5 colors including black, gray, blue, purple and brown.

Here is a protective case

In addition to the leather case and the back cover, there is the presence of the image but the S-Pen, indicating it will be purple, black, brown and yellow. It has been rumored that the Galaxy Note 9 will come with a bright yellow version, but it looks like this time around, Samsung will be featuring the yellow S-Pen on the Blue Note 9. In addition, the WinFuture report also confirmed that the pen will have Bluetooth support.

S-PEN pen with 4 different color options

The Galaxy Note will be available in at least five colors as it appeared today, which is expected to be available on August 24th after being released on August 9th. However, there is no confirmation that the five colors will be available in all markets.

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