attivazione windows 10 1200x675
attivazione windows 10 1200x675

This is a complete guide to activate Windows 10 without having to use crack and serial when the problem of Windows 10 is not activated is popping up.

Windows 10, as you know, is the new version of the desktop operating system made by Microsoft. The primary purpose of this release is to try to conquer those users who, fond of Windows 7, have considered Windows 8 a change too drastic and of dubious ease of use because of its graphical interface.

Also, this time, as happened with its predecessors, it is possible to activate the non-genuine Windows 10 Pro (the same as the “standard” version), and many users turn to sites of dubious reliability to obtain crack or serial codes.

The best programs to activate Windows 10 without crack or serial

We at TecHLecToR have documented how to activate Windows 10 forever without resorting to dubious licenses or unreliable executables. In this guide, we will share two different solutions that are effective, with attached links for the download of tools useful for the activation of Windows 10.

The starting point, of course, is to get the ISO of Windows 10. Unlike previous versions, it is possible, and ultra recommended to download it for free from the official Microsoft site, so you do not doubt the authenticity and correctness of the files it contains.

Unfortunately, on Windows 10 there could be other problems you might encounter. In this regard, our guides on how to solve the problem of the black screen on Windows 10 could be useful.


Before writing this article, the entire staff of TecHLecToR does not assume the consequences of any violation of copyright laws. We are entirely against the phenomenon of piracy. The purpose of this article is purely informative and does not in any way invite readers to use copyrighted material in ways other than those provided by the creator of the content in question.

Finding these tools is very easy, for this reason, the links in this article are not included, as they are programs that can lead to potential copyright violations.

KMSpico (alternatively KMS Auto or Reloader)

The programs we are about to present are the so-called Windows 10 Activator. These are small software that allows the long-awaited message “Windows is active” to appear.

Before you begin, we will enclose the results of the antivirus scans relating to KMSpicoKMS AutoKMS Reloader (they are recognized as HackTool, which is what they are).
We do this for the sake of transparency as the first step requires to temporarily disable the various defense programs of the system and some users, more than understandably, may have some doubts about our intentions.

Step by step guide for activating Windows 10 using KMSpico

  1. Disable anti-virus, Firewall, and Windows Smart Screen for a short period to avoid problems of detection of false viruses;
  2. Download and install KMSpico;
  3. Execute the KMSELDI.exe  file  in the folder where you installed it (it usually is the   C: / ProgramFiles / KMSpico programs );
  4. Click the tokens backup button, the one with an arrow pointing down, and press yes;
  5. Press the red button;
  6. Wait until the program finishes the various operations: the activator will close automatically. In the case of freeze at some point we recommend that you use one between KMS Auto and Reloader: the instructions for both are very similar to those here;
  7. Enjoy! Remember not to uninstall KMSpico from the system, otherwise, you will lose the permanent activation of Windows 10;

FAQ How to activate Windows 10 without problems

In order to give you all the help you can and to make it even easier to follow the guide and to reduce any problems and questions in pre-execution moments, we decided to create a collection of the most common questions we are asked with, of course, all the appropriate answers. In case you have other doubts, questions and perplexities you can always leave a comment below.

The antivirus detects KMSpico, KMSAuto, and Reloader as a trojan/virus

Of course, given the final purpose of the code contained in the various programs, most of the current antivirus detect the file contained within the packages as a virus/trojan. Our advice, in this case, is to temporarily disable the antivirus and proceed with the classic procedure.

The size of the files downloaded from the various links are different

It can happen that the .rar files downloaded from the various sources in the links above can have different dimensions. We consider the fact natural and dependent on different extra content and different types of compression.

Which file should I run to activate Windows 10 without crack and serial codes?

As indicated by some experts, in order to correctly activate Windows 10 it is necessary to execute only the files indicated in the various procedures. Other files within the various .rar packages can safely not be executed.

Does using these activation methods block updates?

Activation of Windows 10 through the procedures in the guide above will not in any way block future software updates. Once all the steps are completed, you can continue to update Windows 10 without any problems.

Is the solution definitive?

Using one of the above procedures allows you to permanently activate Windows 10. You will not need to re-run other steps in the future.

Any other questions or problems?

If you have any other questions or requests we invite you to leave a message a little lower; we will be happy and happy to help you.

That is all for the moment! If you know other tools that allow you to activate Windows 10 for free or the links do not work anymore, please do not hesitate to let us know through the comments!

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