Not long before, Vernee published Thor’s Antutu score officially. Its up to 38000 score outruns all other 5 inch MTK smartphones so far.

As the first the smartphone of vernee, Thor surprises a lot of people with its beautiful shape, amazing performance and attractive price.


Several days ago, vernee has released the details of Thor’s fingerprint sensor – Egis ET310EB (Egis Technology Inc) touch fingerprint sensor, which is the same one that Samsung S7 uses.

With this sensor, you will be able to unlock Thor in just 0.1S. Thor can read your fingerprint 360°,  and it supports 5 sets fingerprints.

According to vernee officially released video, Thor may have the fastest fingerprint recognition speed among MTK smartphones because of high sensitivity of fingerprint recognition module and great algorithm optimization.

Meanwhile, the comparison videos of Thor, Le Max, and iPhone 6s were released as well.


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