Huawei Mate 10 1021x580
Huawei Mate 10 1021x580

The thrust on the accelerator impressed by Huawei since the launch of Mate 10 onwards is there for all to see. Skeptics included, whose arguments will necessarily have to make huge rounds to justify the numbers, irrefutable by definition.

“Since we entered the consumer business, this is the best performance of the company”. How to blame Yu Chengdong, who has so summarized the figures that “put on paper a fast and steady growth”. The CEO of Huawei has proudly boasted the 10 million units sold of the line Mate 10 mentioned at the beginning.

To keep these rhythms for a long time it is necessary to continue working hard. The reason why, overtaking the overtaking on Apple, Huawei aspires to mock Samsung to become the largest smartphone maker in the world. According to Richard Yu, head of the consumer division, the goal must be reached by the fourth quarter of next year, despite the disabling absence from the US market.

We also work hard on the tools needed to achieve such an ambitious goal. Milestone will be the launch of the Huawei Mate 20 line, largely equipped with the new Kirin 980 designed and built at home. Great things are expected from the new top-of-the-range Chinese processor, in light of the fact that Huawei has never disappointed: in 2015, the Kirin 950 was the first to use the 16-nanometer production process; last year was the Kirin 970 to monopolize the attention thanks to the NPU dedicated to artificial intelligence.

The Kirin 980, which will see the light soon, is expected to be the first to exploit the production process at 7 nm, burning over time colossi of the caliber of Qualcomm and Samsung, which should line up at the turn of 2019. Yu Chengdong said: “The chips that we will present in the second part of the year will definitely be ahead of the Qualcomm and Apple competitors”.

Which is like saying: “We warn you. So we’ll overtake you anyway…”

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