After all, the Sony PlayStation 5 will cost 'only' $ 399 !?

After all, the Sony PlayStation 5 will cost 'only' $ 399 !? - According to an industry analyst, the PlayStation 5 is expected to cost $ 399! That is, the same price as the PlayStation 4 when it was launched in 2013.

Which ends up going against all the rumors and leaks of the past that suggested a significantly higher price of $ 499! Incidentally, Sony itself, in the words of Mark Cerny, mentioned that the price may be a little higher than many players expect.

That said, it was Pelham Smithers, of Pelham Smithers Associates, who stated that the PlayStation 5 cannot be more expensive than the now 'old' PS4.

According to the analyst, the PS5 will use a SoC AMD Ryzen 3600G, in the background an APU, which should have the same exact specifications that Mark Cerny has confirmed.

In other words, a third-generation Ryzen CPU with 8 cores and 16 threads, as well as an AMD Radeon Navi GPU. For the console to achieve the desired 4K60FPS and perhaps in the future, the 8K.

Thus, according to Smithers estimates, the Ryzen 3600G processor will cost around $ 200 ($ 180-220), which will allow Sony to sell its console for only $ 399.

Obviously, even though $ 400 is a lot of money, it turns out to be a very appealing price! If we take into account all the capabilities of the console

It was Mark Cerny, a systems architect at Sony, who said the price of PS5 will be appealing to gamers. This is due to all that it offers! However, it was the same personality that stated ... What price could be higher than what many expected!

So here we have a conflict of ideas... And maybe the price is not even $ 399 or $ 499, but rather another value in the middle! In fact, not even Sony should know the price

In my opinion, Sony will decide the price of your console, when you know what Microsoft has to offer! After all, Microsoft is expected to unveil its new console, already at E3 2019. (To take advantage of Sony's absence.)

As it must be remembered, Sony risked the price of PS3 ... What turned out to be a failed bet, being overtaken by Microsoft and its Xbox 360! So it does not seem to me that the Japanese giant is willing to take the same risk in 2020.

After all, the Sony PlayStation 5 will cost 'only' $ 399 !? "Besides, what do you think about all this?" Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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