samsung galaxy fold
samsung galaxy fold

One day after the Galaxy Fold reached the most popular reviewers, the first complaints began to appear. With just one day of use, the screen of some of these units broke. Samsung says it is already investigating the situation and plans to launch will not be changed.

As we wrote on this subject, the problems were reported not only by one user but several. In addition, it should be noted that some of these have removed the protective layer from the panel, which apparently is not supposed to be removed. This causes irreparable damage to the device.

Youtuber @mkbhd drive screen started after it removed the protective layerfold

Something that you have to keep in mind is that we are talking about a device that, although it will cost 2000 euros, has a plastic screen. Obviously not being glass, scratches can happen more easily, hence that Samsung has put this protective layer that comes with a no-remove notice. Or at least it’s supposed to come.

While the technology is not developed, plastic will continue to be the component of these screens. That is, either Samsung, Huawei or other builders who engage in foldable devices, will not have glass screens in the early versions.

According to Wall Street Journal columnist Joanna Stern, Samsung will personally inspect these units. The South Korean giant must hurry to understand the causes of these problems, as the launch will happen next week.

Samsung has thus until April 26 to solve all this imbroglio. The company has already said that it will not postpone the launch, so you have to be cautious about what will reach the real consumers. One thing is the problems of several reviewers, another is the problems of consumers who paid € 2000 for a device.

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