Air Taxis: When Will They Become Real in Our Skies?


Speaking of road headaches like traffic jams and complicated road networks, many people will easily opt for a taxi in the air. Many are still expecting that the advent of air taxis will save the earth of some of the nagging troubles it has right now. Can we really get that in a few years? Some are asking when this will be possible.

Of course, some companies are speeding up working on the idea. These big companies also share the same beliefs with almost everybody that the world needs a better means of transportation. This is due to the statistics that about 68 percent of world’s population will be living in cities by 2050.

Probably, there will be another 2.5 billion people coming to live in urban areas in the next few decades. Sure, this will add a lot to urban traffic across the world in a few years.

London, the most congested city in Europe got drivers spending on average 72 hours which is three days in traffic congestion per year. Thus, the need for energy and transport solutions with minimal environmental costs is going to be indispensable. People moving around will always want to have more choice in modes of transportation and this leads to the inevitable means of using the third dimension of airspace.

About 120 concept electric vertical take off and landing vehicles and prototypes used as testing across the world at this time. These may be drones, electric and hybrid machines that have or have no wings.

Uber is one company investing heavily in this new sector. Boeing too has created a technology firm known as Aurora Flight Sciences to accelerate entry into this new air taxi sector. Similarly, Airbus has three different projects in this direction.

Beforehand, this airspace project seemed impossible. However, with the creation of electric cars and also the creation of very high energy density batteries and much improved electric motor efficiency is leading to this new vista.

The availability of light-weight materials such as carbon fibre and the availability of 3-D printing means that complex parts can be printed in plastic and metals. To achieve better results, drone technology lessons will also be very invaluable.

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