In this time and era, there are always needs for a data plan, as a matter of fact, virtually 2/3 Percent of our daily activities requires a data plan. There are many online Businesses, Advertisements, Researches that are carried out on the internet daily, and we are fully aware that before you can gain access to surf on the internet either to advertise, research, etc. You must have an active data plan

Based on how hard the economy is in Nigeria, thousands of Nigerians find it hard to subscribe for a data plan, the truth is that data bundle seems a lot more expensive. No doubt, considering all these facts compelled Airtel to introduce a Cheap Data plan.

Based on our recent discovery, Glo is globally known as Grand Master Of Data Plan so I won’t be surprised that Airtel stepped up because GLO just recently launched their Cheap Overload Data Plan. One amazing fact about this new Airtel Nigeria latest Data Bundles is that it works on all Devices whether Android, Blackberry, iPhone e.t c. So in that regards, Airtel Nigeria are planning on bringing a much better competition than GLO Nigeria. It was a big blow to everyone when Airtel introduces an amazing cheap data plan, not only that they introduced it, they also made the activation code publicized. This cheap data plan is called an Airtel Binge Plan.

Airtel Binge Plan are suitable plans that give you access to enjoy a real affordable data rate providing 2GB daily for 500 Naira Only.

One can easily say that Airtel 2GB for 500 Naira is fake, or that it won’t last long. But one notable fact about this Airtel 2GB data plan is that it is still trusted irrespective of the fact that it is cheap.

How To Subscribe For DailyBinge 2GB With Just 500 Naira

If you are an Airtel customer or you make use of Airtel SIM card. No doubt, you receive a message from Airtel introducing the latest Airtel Binge Plan. The Message states “Get 2GB daily for just N500. Dial 141504# now for activating or simply dial 141 for more options”.

Did You Receive The Message? You don’t have to panic is not a scam. The only thing you will do is to follow the instruction written in the message. With that, you will successfully subscribe to this plan for N500, and get 2GB of data plan.


  • Recharge a 500 Naira Airtel card using the normal code which is *126*the pin#
  • Once the recharge is successful, dial *141*504#.

With that, you successfully subscribe for 2GB with just 500 Naira

Note. This Data plan valid for just 24 hours.

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