In this article, we will be analysing reasons why Airtel decided not to launch their 4G LTE network. Over the years, Airtel has proven to be one of the best when it comes to data, and they also have some offers which other networks don’t have. Like the unlimited bundle for 100 Naira, and it last for just a week.


Well as for the question on the board, This is a question we know that we can’t get any actual and definite answers to but sooner or later we will get answers. We have carefully and stylishly watch 4G LTE networks come into the market and perhaps within a twinkle of an eye, 3G will fade away.

Well has we all know that MTN, ETISALAT & Glo Network has launched their 4G network some weeks back and I can tell that the 3 networks are already publicized. Although you and I know that about 75% of cities in Nigeria are not experiencing 4G network. To them it is 4g, but to us, it is still our standard speed.

In case you don’t know, As large as Lagos Nigeria is, Etisalat 4G hasn’t covered 80% of the state. And this has got me wondering where Etisalat 4G network is correctly working. But I know that with time, they’ll balance up but we need something to hold on to.

I went to Glo office some days back, and to my greatest surprise, the girl that attended to me was using MTN 4G to browse. That is to tell you that even when Glo is the grandmaster of data when it comes to 4G speed, they know where they belong.

I’ve always love Airtel network because I thought it was the best and because of its cool and amazing speed experienced when browsing the net. What some network provider call 4G network is Airtel’s 3G network.

Unluckily, Airtel hasn’t launched their 4G network yet, and it looks like they are lonely because nobody is talking about Airtel. But the thing is, if their 3G can be this good, then how will their 4G network be?

We think the reason behind this is because of the new partnership between Facebook and Airtel. Guess they are still putting things in the right order. The question is, does Airtel even want to launch 4G in Nigeria? Even If they want to, how soon…?

But we can assure you that they will launch their 4g network too because we have carefully studied our network providers and it seems like they are always copying each other. Nobody wants to be behind in the game.

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