Ten things to know about Airtel Unlimited data plan

Mid last month (July 2017), Airtel surprised customers by releasing what quite a majority of Nigerian internet users have somewhat been clamouring for; an unlimited internet plan.

Majority of Internet users just want to do as much work, fun and other stuff on the internet without having a restriction as to how much they can do. Hence the clamour for an unlimited internet data plan. Some native Telecommunication companies have unveiled unlimited internet plans in the past, but this one from Airtel is particularly the “deal”.

Airtel Unlimited data plan


Now let’s take a look at 10 things about Airtel Unlimited data plan

  1. On the basis of price, Airtel Unlimited data plan comes in 3 categories;
  • Airtel Unlimited Plan For N10,000
  • Airtel Unlimited Plan For N15,000
  • Airtel Unlimited Plan For N20,000
  1. Unlimited Data plan can be shared amongst different devices and Airtel number
  2. For the N10,000 unlimited plan, fair policy applies once usage hits 40GB i.e speeds/connection strength begins to throttle low to a speed of 256kb/s)

  3. Speed throttling begins when usage hits 65GB for the N15,000 plan (throttle speed of 256kb/s)

  4. Speed throttling begins when usage hits 100GB for the N20,000 plan (throttle speed of 256kb/s)

  5. Validity Period for all three unlimited plans is 30 days

  6. Data rollover doesn’t apply for Airtel’s unlimited data plan

  7. Activation code for Airtel’s N10,000 unlimited plan is 46210#

  8. Activation code for Airtel’s N15,000 unlimited plan is 46215#

  9. Activation code for Airtel’s N20,000 unlimited plan is 46120#

As a side attraction and a bonus, subscribers of the Airtel unlimited data plan are qualified to get a free Airtel MiFi. But hold on, don’t get excited just yet. There’s a restriction to getting the free MiFi device. Only users who subscribe to the N20,000 Unlimited plan are qualified to getting a MiFi at any nearest Airtel agent store.

What do you think about Airtel Unlimited data plans? And who else is expecting a weekly or daily unlimited plan from Airtel? I am. Are you?

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