Alcatel Move Time smartwatch
Alcatel Move Time smartwatch

The Alcatel Move Time for children has been launched by Alcatel in India. This watch dubbed Move Time has the capacity for GPS tracking, calling and messaging features. It assists parents in staying connected with their children. The Alcatel Move Time is great for children of ages 5 to 9 years.

Alcatel Move Time (SW10) Smartwatch Review, Specifications & Highlights

Alcatel Move Time Smartwatch

It has the capacity to let parents call or receive voice messages. Kids can also reply to one contact which is already preset and also make calls to 5 numbers which have already been registered.

The Alcatel Move Time has support for 2G network and parents can keep track of the location of their children using Android and IOS apps. They also get notifications when kids are outside or inside the stipulated safe-zones.

The Move Time comes with safety features which ensure that calls from strangers are rejected automatically. It also comes with an SOS button which can be used to send distress signals to parents during emergencies.

Alcatel Move Time (SW10)

The Move Time smartwatch sports some of the following features. It has a display of 0.95inch with 96 x 64 pixels along with a single white colour OLED for displaying the clock when it’s on standby alongside battery life and cartoon animations.

The Alcatel Move Time kids’ watch also has the capacity to function with both Android and iOS operating systems.  It allows the children see animated icons pop on their screen when their parents call them. It is also IP65 rated for protection against low- pressure water jets and dust.

The Alcatel Move Time packs a battery of 380mAh which can run for 8 hours when used for voice messages and also up to 5 hours of traffic phone calls. The Alcatel Move Time can also run up to 96 hours on standby.

Alcatel Move Time Kids Smartwatch Specifications

  • 95-inch display with 96 * 64 pixel resolution.
  • Compatible with IOS and Android.
  • White colour OLED for displaying clock, battery life and cartoon animations.
  • It has GPS functionality.
  • It uses WI-FI to locate kids indoors and outdoors.
  • It is IP65 rated for protection against dust and low-pressure water jets.
  • 380mAh battery with up to 96 hours standby time.

Alcatel Move Time Smartwatch for Kids Availability & Price in India, Nigeria & Kenya

The Alcatel Move Time kids watch by Alcatel will be made available in Blue and Orange straps and would be priced at Rs. 4,799. It would also go on sale exclusively on Flipkart.

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