Wireless Charging
Wireless Charging

Also known as cordless charging or inductive charging, wireless charging is a technology that has been around for a while now but only started gaining popularity a few years ago. The whole idea of wireless charging started as far back as 1864 by James C. Maxwell but was later commercialized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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How wireless charging works

Charging is achieved through the transfer of energy produced by passing an electrical current through two coils to create an electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field created comes in contact with the magnetic plate on the receiver; it generates an electrical current and charges the receiving device battery. The wireless charging works with the inductive charging technology, and two components must be present for wireless charging to occur:

  • Transmitter- This is also known as a charging pad.
  • Receiver – This is a case built or attached to the device to be charged.

Benefits of using wireless charging

  • Durability

With wired charging, wear and tear happen over time, cables and sockets get damaged after a long period of use. Wireless charging pads last much longer as there is no need for plugging and unplugging of cable. Also, there is a very low risk of short circuit and other electrical faults with wireless charging.

  • Security

Sometimes, we are worried about malware attacks when we plug our phones to unknown cables because a lot of them carry hidden malware attacks. For wireless charging technology, it is different, and they are built with no malware to worry about.

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  • It is Convenient to use

I think the biggest upside of the wireless charging technology is the convenience, especially when charging multiple devices simultaneously. Wireless charging saves you the stress of plugging and unplugging cables when you need to charge different devices.

Negative sides of wireless charging

  • Inability to use a device while charging

This is a big downside for me, using the wireless charging means you can only play music or videos, you can also pick and make calls but it has to be put in loudspeaker. Wired charging gives you more control of your device while charging.

Although wireless charging is gradually improving, its technology is being worked upon but it still hasn’t gotten to the level of wired charging in terms of charging speed and efficiency.

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