best web browsers android scaled
best web browsers android scaled

When you surf the web, it is easy to use either your mobile phone’s already-installed browser or Chrome from Google. These browsers are undoubtedly simple to use as they give a neat experience alongside your Google account, but there are so many other Android browsers waiting for you to try them out, and they might even suit you better.

Lot of browsers we review here are specifically designed to be as lightweight as possible, unlike Chrome, aiding quick browsing and easy usage on monster mobile devices.

Other browsers are quite private, ensuring you are not traceable as soon as you are done with browsing and ensure they block any monitoring cookies that may get you on the spamming list of cruel advertisers.

Are you salivating already? They also do not cost you a dime so that you can download any of the options listed and enjoy. They are indeed capable of changing the way you browse the internet not just for now, but for life.

1. Firefox Focus

This is a fantastic browser; it is new in the game as it was launched two years ago, but it is already established because of the enticing features that come with it. Features like search suggestions and Google safe browsing that prevents potential phishing websites. As soon as you close Firefox Focus, all your browsing history will be gone with you, and should you decide to enter another app, you will be notified about ending your browsing session. The programmers did a very good job, and with new features expected soon, it gets even better in the nearest future.

2. Opera Touch

Opera is respected for its remarkably customizable desktop browser that allows you to play around with almost everything displayed on your screen. But they don’t just stop there; they have great mobile browsers too. One of the best out there is Opera Touch, which is lovely for one-handed use. Its design feature is unique but is still simple to make use of via just one touch. There is a voice command feature that helps to search for anything with your voice. This browser is dope for Android users that value their security as it has an ad-blocking tool used to protect your mobile device from spammers.

3. Microsoft Edge

If you are a Windows 10 user, Microsoft asking you to make Edge your default desktop browser shouldn’t be strange to you anymore, but what you might still not know is that it has a mobile version that is great as well. The mobile and desktop version are programmed by a different set of people so expect features that are unique in both. Recently, Microsoft added a brand new feature that notifies you if you are on a website that is known for terrible news reporting. How cool is that? Accessing Edge for Android using your Microsoft account will allow you to sync all your bookmarks immediately, and as long as you are Windows 10, there is provision for moving web pages easily between your laptop and smartphone.

4. Puffin

This is one of the fastest browsers out there, and even though it is hard to state categorically that it is fast in everything, it feels really quick to use. The speed would be nothing if that meant you’d give up your safety, but it is safe too. It is an amazing browser you can use to safeguard your privacy. There is built-in ad-blocker., and an encryption of all connections to make that happen. It also ensures you are spoilt with several input choices, that includes a virtual controller that lets you have the best time of your life playing games in the browser and a virtual cursor that makes navigating spreadsheets a simple task.

5. Flynx

This is a very strange but effective Android browser. Instead of taking up almost the entirety of your phone screen, it just appears and floats on top of anything you are doing in a different app. This browser is ridiculously vital for social media and messaging app lovers. Anytime you click on a link in any app and select “Load With Flynx,” this browser will then load in the background. When it is done loading, click on the globe icon on the right to launch it in a floating window. As soon as you are finished, just drag down the icon and close it. Facebook and Pinterest and many others have their in-app browsers, but Flnx is very relaxing to use, and it aids the safety from the risk of getting absent-minded when you have other things to attend to.

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