Amazon announces a new Echo Sub smart speaker


Amazon has announced a new complementary subwoofer for its Echo smart speakers. Simply called Echo Sub, the device has dimensions of 202 x 210mm and weighs about 4.2kg, adding some good bass to the Echo music experience.

Amazon Echo Sub adds some good bass to the Echo speakers

The Echo Sub subwoofer offers a deep bass of 100W through a 6-inch woofer. When combined with the Echo device, it can fill the music room and is easily activated by a voice command. It has a maximum acoustic output of 103dB and a sound frequency of between 120 Hz and 150 Hz with 'adaptive' bass filter.

Echo Sub has a single port on the back and is for the power plug. On the other hand, it is connected by Wi-Fi dual band compatible with network standards 802.11 a / b / g / n (2.4 and 5 GHz).

It should be noted that it is not compatible with Wi-Fi networks ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer). It is accessible and controllable through the Alexa application, which is available on Fire OS, Android and iOS devices.

How much does the Amazon Echo Sub cost?

It is currently available as a separate device and is pre-sold for about US $ 129, arriving on October 1. Also available is the combo with stereo speakers in which we save 24% on the cost ($ 249). As usual, these Echo stereo speakers are available in charcoal gray, heather gray or sandstone. However, the Echo subwoofer is only available in carbon color.

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