Many children and parents are at home due to the outbreak of COVID-19. So it is not surprising that many streaming services are experiencing huge demand. After all, we have to keep ourselves entertained. Now to give help, Amazon Prime Video decided to give a gift to all users who have children. That said, it is offering several children’s and youth series totally free of charge.

Have children? See the free series that Amazon Prime Video offers!

Among the series are Just Add Magic, Lost Oz, Pete the Cat, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and much more.

All you need to see these titles is to have a free Amazon account. These free series are available to users worldwide, with seasons varying between zones.

Offers are available in two different sections. First, there are those for preschoolers. Then we have the series for children between 6 and 11 years old.

This offer from Amazon is undoubtedly excellent news for those who are tired of being at home and have seen everything they had to see.

Looking at this example, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if other services like Netflix did the same.

However, only one caveat. If for any reason you notice any loss of quality, in relation to what you are used to, don’t be surprised. Is that Amazon as well as Disney and Apple have joined Netflix and YouTube to reduce the video quality of their streaming services in Europe.

The idea is to reduce the load on the Internet across the continent. Something that the European Union authorities specifically requested to keep digital traffic flowing smoothly. Have you seen what it was like to be quarantined without these streaming services and without the Internet?

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