Bleeding Edge main
Bleeding Edge main

Microsoft is betting hard and ugly on video games, proof of this has been the many revelations about its new generation console (Xbox Series X), as well as the launch of Ori and the Will of the Wisps a few weeks ago. But more recently, we also had the launch of Bleeding Edge last Tuesday (24)! A title available for PC and Xbox One, but also Xbox Game Pass for both platforms.

We are talking about a new game from the renowned studio Ninja Theory, which was even responsible for one of the most resonant Sony PlayStation 3 exclusives, Heavenly Sword. But also for the disappointing cross-platform DmC: Devil May Cry. But forgetting all this, how does Bleeding Edge get away with it?

(Analysis) Bleeding Edge: A blend of League of Legends with Overwatch


So, at first glance, Bleeding Edge reminds me of League of Legends, a game that has been with me for many years… After all, we are talking about a title completely focused on combat, while mixing several different characters, with different skills, in an arena that has to be overtaken as a team if you really want to win. In fact, we even have specific classes, DPS, Support and Tank, (and a very successful tutorial) so that everyone knows what to do on the map.

Thus, we have characters focused on the damage that only serve to ‘murder’ other characters, others that serve to eliminate tanks, while others spend time healing their colleagues, and still others that serve only and only to hinder the team’s action. adversary.

That is, you can choose the character that best suits your style of play, but also what your team needs most in its composition. (Interestingly, you can change characters during each game)

So far, all the characters seem to be more or less well accomplished, with no characters too strong or too weak. But this is a very fragile balance, which will certainly be difficult to maintain with the addition of more and more characters. (See the example of League of Legends, with 144 different characters!) In fact, Bleeding Edge already has its first planned addition, in the form of the Mekko dolphin (Tank), which should arrive in the game in a few weeks.


In this component, I was very pleased with what I found in the game. The characters move well, the fighting is fluid and not very confusing. And in fact, the combat system is very well accomplished, and above all … Fun!

That said, Bleeding Edge comes down to its four-player team, which will have to face another team with the same exact number of players to fulfill objectives on the maps. For now, there are only two game modes, Objectives Control, and Energy Collection.

As you might guess, if you’ve played any recent FPS, goal control is based on capturing and maintaining key points on the map. (You will receive points for controlling the objective over time, but also for each kill in your defense).

In addition to this, we also have the Energy Collection, in which you will basically have to find, collect and deliver batteries in key locations on the map. So, you have to find, steal (kill the opponent and keep your batteries), etc … All within the time limit, in order to win.


If you like League of Legends, Overwatch, or any other game where you need to show your ‘mechanics’. So it’s worth trying Bleeding Edge! It’s an extremely fun game, bringing an eye-catching design to the table. After all, all the characters are unique not only in their range of skills but also in their theme and design. Fight with a punk guitarist, who does damage to other players while sliding on his knees through the arena? Yep! Will happen.

In short, fun is guaranteed! However, it remains to be seen whether the studio will be able to provide the necessary support for this game to continue to grow and rival the big ones. After all, we are talking about an area of ​​the market where Free to Play games reign! So, at a cost of € 29, Bleeding Edge has a lot to ride in order to grab players.

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