Android 11
Android 11

Android 11 beta 1 was launched last week by Google, which means that there are some devices from the Pixel 2 to Pixel 4 range that are already running. This is good because it allows users to share some news on the Internet, such as the one we will reveal next. That said, one of the new features of Android 11 is called Bubbles.

Android 11: bubbles have arrived and can be of great help!

Android 11 Beta Bubbles
Android 11 Beta Bubbles

This is not exactly something new. In practice, it is a function very similar to that which is present in the Android version of Facebook Messenger. Let’s say you’re watching something important on YouTube or another platform and you get a message. At that time, a circle will appear on the screen where you are notified about the message and you can also reply. All of this, without having to stop what you are doing.

Android 11 Beta Bubbles 1
Android 11 Beta Bubbles

The official Google account on Reddit has already revealed that the Bubbles features in Android messages will be activated next month.

However, this is not the only latest feature to be present in Android 11.

As reported by the Android Police website, the first beta version of Android 11 technically removed the size limit for video recordings. However, still very few applications support it. Unfortunately, Google Camera is not one of the supported apps, which is a shame, especially since it is the most used application by most of the Android community.

Mark Harman’s Open Camera supports recording videos without the 4 GB limit on Android 11. In other words, this is definitely the application you have to download if you want to create very large files. It is a popular application with over 100,000 reviews on Google Play, so it’s worth installing, even if it’s only until Google updates Google Camera with support for a larger file limit.

Of course, there may be other applications in the Google store that allow for greater video capture. However, Open Camera is more popular.

It is true that there are still some problems with the API of certain applications. However, the operating system will not cause any limit to apps. At least in the video field. It now remains to be seen how much other camera applications will be updated. However, considering that the first beta version of Android 11 has just been released, it is easy to imagine that it will take some time.

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