Android Auto
Android Auto

Google has secretly released two new features for Android Auto. In fact, it has gone unnoticed by many users. Especially since they are on the server-side. In addition, they only started to appear a few days ago. But after all, what has changed with the news in Android Auto?

Android Auto receives two secret news. Have you discovered them?

The first novelty is related to the dynamic bar. Appears at the bottom of the screen. We knew this bar when Google made a major change to Android Auto last summer.

Now, for example, Android Auto can show the song title and artist name. This is when you are listening to a certain theme. The information appears in the bottom bar. In the past, everything was in a single information bar. Now it’s in two. It will be interesting to see if this is also used for navigation.

In other words, this dynamic bar can now show even more information without the need for any user intervention.

There is also another one that involves Google Assistant. The Google assistant within this platform. Thanks to it, Android Auto now shows the text it recognizes as a voice command. For example, if you tell the assistant to listen to Diogo Piçarra, Android Auto will show this voice command. Check recognition as a command.

These features are not part of the new software update. By this, I mean that not because they are updating or using the new version that they will appear. This change comes from the server-side. It is part of a global launch that is being distributed in a phased manner.

However, despite these changes, there is also an upcoming update for Android Auto. It will arrive this month of August or possibly in September.

What do you think of these two news? Tell us everything in the comments!

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