Android could seriously become paid after the hefty fine received from the EU. Manufacturers should pay licenses to use Android

Android for a fee? Yes, after the EU fine

The gigantic fine that the European Union has inflicted on Google could seriously undermine the future of the most widespread operating system in the world. Yes, because after the sanction of over 4 billion euros, Google would be ready to charge the manufacturer a license to use its operating system.

The confirmation comes directly from Sundar Pichai, who has endorsed the hypothesis of charging a license for every time a manufacturer uses Android on their devices. The explanation of Sundar does not make a fold, besides Android, the ecosystem created by BigG includes all the basic applications installed together with the operating system, which allow the user to be operative in the use of all its services.

If smartphone makers and mobile network operators could not include our applications on their wide range of devices, this would upset the balance of the Android ecosystem

Google … and Apple? 

After all, like all the other producers, and just think that Apple includes all its basic app without the ability to delete them permanently or replace them in full with others, while Android is.

Google is already preparing the appeal, but if this goes wrong, Google will have serious problems that would bring down its revenue derived from the use of its apps and advertising.

How do you think?

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